The Adapter Between Me And The New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe already understand that we are all connected by a close mutual bond and that this connection works in the world differently than in the past. A new condition, a new coefficient, has been added to our interrelationships, which we still cannot take into account because of our nature. We are not familiar with the system we have been hurled into, and so we cannot do anything about it.

Therefore, Kabbalists say: We should first learn what the system is and understand the situation. Then will we know how to arrange our life.

We cannot continue to advance by our own powers. If we refuse to learn, we will learn by terrible blows that will show us how stubborn and ignorant we are. In any case, we will have to “go back to school” and study the science of Kabbalah. It wasn’t given to us without reason—it is about the system of reality opposite to us, about the upper world.

We should not delude ourselves: By studying this system, we will not be able to correct the financial system or find new business management methods under the new conditions. With the study of the science of Kabbalah  we will only realize that we must ask for the power of correction.

The method of Kabbalah will not enable us to continue “improving” the world by our merciless egoism. It will only enable us to acquire a new power, the power of bestowal, in addition to our power of receiving. Only when the power of bestowal dominates the power of bestowal will we know what to do with ourselves and with the world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not a practical manual for solving all problems by using the usual egotistic approach. The studies will only show us how to ask for an internal change. Only having changed internally will we understand what to do with the world.

This is why the method of Kabbalah had to be revealed externally, artificially. It doesn’t grow in us naturally from within. It is given to us from the outside so that we will exert effort and ask to correct ourselves.

Here we are given free will: I am facing a new system, a new method, and now I have to develop the will to change inside me. I am in my ego facing a new system, a new world. The science of Kabbalah is what adapts me to the new world. It helps me reach a state in which I ask for correction. Then I will change: Besides my egoism, I will also have the attribute of bestowal, and I will understand how to approach the new world correctly.


From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/2011, “The Nation”

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  1. What is the answer? What are we to do with the world?

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