Cries Won’t Help

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur problem is that we cry out from the pain that our egoism has caused us. But the Creator is deaf and unreceptive to this kind of cry. We can cry as much as we want. We have witnessed terrible suffering throughout history, but the upper force doesn’t seem to pay attention to it.

This is because the purpose of creation, the Thought of Creation, and its entire system is built so as to bring the egotistic desire to correction, to the intention to bestow. If we don’t cry in order to acquire the attribute of bestowal, but on the contrary, we demand good for our egoism, we get the opposite result and only make our situation worse. We invite a much stronger negative effect, from which we will learn how to cry out correctly.

This is the problem of humanity, which doesn’t understand the upper governance. All the heaviness that we feel, all the hardships, and our disagreement with the Creator stem from the fact that we don’t understand His plan and expect Him to change and to do something for us. But He won’t do anything! There is a plan for the correction of the shattering, and I need to use it. That’s all.

If I don’t do that, I can cry just as everyone has done for ages, and whom did it help? By our crying, pleading, and attempting to fill our ego, we only increase our desire to receive and we receive harder blows until we reach total despair, which we are starting to feel now. This is so that we will finally understand that salvation will only come from our correction and not from egotistic demands. There is no one to ask from!

It is only possible to turn to a corrected system, which is one level above me and which I perceive as total darkness since it is a system of bestowal. If I want to adapt to it and be like it, I can ask for that. This is what I will receive—if I really ask for this.

My request will be fulfilled if I ask to bestow in order to be the one who bestows, and not in order to feel better.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/2011, Shamati $#240

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  1. How can we possibly cry out correctly if we are stuck within our ego without any way out?

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