Go With The Flow Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhether we want it or not, we need to learn how to become similar to the Creator, to come closer to Him, and be like Him. The Creator is the Upper Force of nature, and it operates everywhere in the lower nature, affecting all of its parts.

The Creator once broke the creature into the parts in the same way that our world was formed as a consequence of the Big Bang, when a small, upper spark broke through, exploded, and created our entire universe. The same way, the Creator created all the spiritual worlds through the descent of the Light all the way down to our world.

And now an opposite correcting force is beginning to collect all these parts in the spiritual space, and we have no way of avoiding this. Resisting this connection is the same as fighting the forces of nature; it will only bring us suffering until we give up.

If we resist, we will evoke enormous suffering over ourselves, and not just the usual problems with family, life, or health, but horrible epidemics, ecological catastrophes, and even atomic wars as Baal HaSulam wrote about. Everything only depends on our resistance and lack of desire to constantly follow the force of correction in order to better correspond to it.

All of this happens according to a very specific program. When we advance according to it, we feel good and comfortable. When we accelerate the realization of this program and even want to run ahead of it, we feel even better because we attract the Creator with our actions and force Him to do even more by rushing nature, as it is said, “Those who strive towards the Creator hasten time.”

But when we fall behind, our suffering and problems increase to the extent of our delay as they strive to push us to develop. And this is not because the Creator wishes to punish us; rather, this is the way everything operates according to the law of nature!

There is nothing here except the laws of nature, which we can come to understand and see how they push us as if in a force field. The further or closer I get to the place of balance, the force of the field (its intensity) influences me in proportion to the square of the distance, as it strives to return me to balance. For example, I distance myself to one measure and the pressure of force doubles; I distance myself to two measures and the pressure quadruples.

I need to understand that my slightest movement, a tiny step back immediately attracts enormous forces of suffering. This is because any field, whether it is the Light field, magnetic field, or the field of gravity, always operates in a square function. The spiritual field operates the same way. The laws of the Creator are constant.

It is written that the righteous pay double. This is why even a slight deviation to either side causes a huge impact, a positive one or, God forbid, a negative one.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/10, “The Future Generation”

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