Forbidden = Impossible

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I watched your lecture on Monday, May 24, 2015 on the article, “The Donkey Driver.” that in my humble opinion was wonderful. I understood from your words that in the wisdom of Kabbalah it is forbidden to attain my “self” in a state of Malchut. In connection to this a number of questions arose for me:

  1. Does this mean that the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is for me to attain my “self” as it is found in Bina (and could it even be that the “self” of every person exists in Olam Ein Sof), and not to correct the desire to receive into the desire to bestow? So then could it be that the correction of desires is not the goal, rather it is a means for attaining my “self” (the Creator)?
  2. In this context, in the wisdom of Kabbalah is there a prohibition against attaining my “self” (a realization of the desire to attain my “self”) in a state of Malchut (finding ourselves while in our world of desires to receive)?
  3. Is it possible to violate this prohibition, and is there another (not Kabbalistic) known way for a person to attain his “self”?
  4. What would happen to a person who, despite the ban, would attain his “self” while he is in our world?

Answer: In Kabbalah nothing is forbidden! When the word “forbidden” or “prohibited” is used, it means that it is impossible, and so it is not worthwhile to invest any effort. But in general everything is permitted, only in a different way. So go in the way that they taught you and you will attain!

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