The Middle Ages Or A Bright Future?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “The difference in income between the richest citizens and the poorest in the developed nations has reached alarming proportions and is liable to reach a level that was typical of the Middle Ages and not of developed social economies.

“Since the 1980s income inequality of citizens has been constantly growing and has reached the highest level in the last 30 years. For the purpose of reducing income inequality, it was recommended to create more jobs.”

My Comment: But the world doesn’t need workers but the opposite; there is an excess of workers that society doesn’t know what to do with all of those on unemployment benefits!

This could result in wars, through which society will get rid of the masses that have no salaried income, or society will move on to a rational state of existence, where it manufactures only what is necessary for everyone’s needs, and free time and energy is directed toward the realization of the unity and connection between people. There is no other solution!

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