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laitman_600_02In the News (from World Crisis): “Today even minimal wages which should theoretically suffice in order to live a modest life doesn’t allow a person to break the poverty circle. Minimum wages for a full time job, 40 hours a week, doesn’t allow a person to cross the poverty line.”

“Democrats seek to raise the minimum wage… . Republicans argue that this has would have a negative effect, because it would lead to a reduction in the number of jobs and unemployment – the load is distributed among the workers, who did not get fired.

“Regardless of who is right in this situation, there is one indisputable fact: Today, a lot of families depend on government assistance. In other words, the minimum wage in working full-time is not enough to cross the poverty line.

“Indeed, a new study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows that in 21 of 26 states, which set the minimum wage, work, working 40 hours a week is not adequate for the normal means of supporting one’s family. Of the 34 countries belonging to the OECD, minimum wage does not allow coping with poverty. In Spain, you need to work more 72 hours a week to avoid poverty. It turned out that this is the norm, not the exception.”

My Comment: The world must abandon the old approach to work, wages, pension, and other social services. We have to start relating to society as to one whole, and in any case, to provide all the necessary conditions for existence outside the principle “who does not work does not eat.”

It is necessary to link the receipt of benefits to participating in a course of the wisdom of connection. Participating in the course will be considered everyone’s obligatory job.

As for people who work in order to provide society’s needs, society will choose specific people for these jobs. We have to disconnect the receiving benefits from work and to tie it to the a person’s participation in a course of the wisdom of connection.

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