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Ignorant People Are The Main Resource Of Modern Capitalism

laitman_547_05In The News ( The main resource of the modern economy is the imbecile. You can sell him anything. Humanity reached the peak of scientific and technological power in the 60’s of the 20th century. There was a great demand for engineers, physicists, and mathematicians then, so these occupations were fashionable, respected, and valued. It was fashionable to be smart.

“But detente in the mid 70’s wiped out the fashionableness of science and knowledge. The fashionable rationalism and positive approach towards science began to be recognizably undermined.

“In the 60’s the normal basic needs of the ‘Golden Billion’ were satisfied. People began to wake up to the question of the meaning of life and to eliminate it, the business world found another question and answer.

“Capitalism began to not just meet requirements as before, but to create new needs and meet them.

“Marketing came to the fore—the doctrine of how to make something unnecessary seem necessary and purchased. This is the role of total advertising.

“Marketing professionals build the needs. Global capitalism established a more difficult mission than the manipulation of human consciousness, the shaping of the ideal consumer who totally lacks the ability to think rationally and has no scientific knowledge about the world—something like a pipe through which one end products are pumped in and on the other end they fly into the dump.

“The clueless buffoon cheerfully living with elementary emotions and craving novelty. Grabbing a new toy, he must immediately throw away the old. The media doesn’t descend to the level of the reader to elevate him; it works to pull him down.

“The purpose of education is also to educate the cultured consumer. It is not necessary to hold onto anything in one’s head; everything can be found through Google. After all, if a person doesn’t know anything, it is possible to push everything on him.

“Ignorance and darkness are the last refuge of modern capitalism and its most important component without which the modern market cannot exist.”

My Comment: These overlords will not get anything since they are acting against the law of evolution in nature. This law will break them and bring humanity by the way of suffering or the way of re-education to a developed and elevated state.

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Why Do We Need Altruism?

laitman_546_02Opinion: (Dmitry Leikin): “Individualism prospers in the modern world. The idea of living for yourself is so strong that you have to explain the fact that you do something for others.

“The point is that every person has a certain amount of power (energy), which he can spend on different activities.

“At the same time he has certain personal needs that he can fulfill through different activities. The need for altruism stems from the fact that a person has more energy than he needs in order to care for his own personal needs.

“This means that if we look at a person’s personal needs we will discover that they aren’t so many: he actually needs food, clothing, a home and a little bit of entertainment. All the other needs are actually collective needs, which means that you do something egoistically not for yourself but for others.

“But a modern man is left with far more altruistic powers than his ancestors. This means that modern man needs altruism more than the generations that preceded him.

“This is expressed in the form of laziness, depression and loss of motivation. This means that modern man realizes that he doesn’t know what he should do after the quick satisfaction of his personal needs. Because he has been brought up to live only for himself, he doesn’t know how to keep himself busy and eventually doesn’t do anything and complains about his loss of motivation.

“If he begins to do something for others his motivation will reappear and will turn out to be infinite since he can do something for others infinitely. This means that he can totally invest his efforts in such actions, which is actually what a person needs in order to be happy -to invest all his energy in something.

“If we look at people who do great things, we will see that all these things are always aimed at great masses of people. These people never complain about lack of motivation, but they may complain that they life isn’t long enough to fulfill everything they plan to do.

“The only way to be happy and to have the motivation to do anything is to do something not only for yourself but also for others. The reason is that you can have great motivation and self-fulfillment only in doing things for others.”

My Comment: Then egoistic psychology (motivation) gradually switches into the wisdom of Kabbalah because the egoistic motivation of working for the sake of others also becomes empty and there is a growing need for new motivation, for the Creator, because the Creator is infinite. A person who performs such actions feels that these actions are eternal and that the filling is infinite.

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Russian Jewry: An Uncompromising Spirit

Laitman_011Weitzman recalled in his memoirs, “A notable feature of the vote was that among those who spoke out against Uganda, the decisive majority were the delegates from Russia.” The representatives of Kishinev unanimously rejected the Uganda plan. The Western Zionists were shocked.

I remember how after the vote, Herzl said about the Russian Jews, “If these people had a noose around their neck, they still would be stubborn!” Next to him was a young woman who tore the map of Uganda off the wall. She angrily exclaimed, “Mr. President, you are a traitor!” Herzl sharply turned away. (From the book by Felix Kandel, The Land Under our Feet, Book 1, Part 3, Chapter 11).

An uncompromising spirit always characterized the Jews of Russia. They were people forged by suffering. When they lived in difficult conditions of limited space, they understood that Uganda wouldn’t be much better for them and that it was necessary to return to the true values.

In addition, in those times, the Jews of Russia were more religious than now, and even if the Zionists at the Basel Congress were no longer great supporters of religion, still there existed a spiritual foundation in them that they received from their family home. They all completed one religious school or another, and so they couldn’t imagine how one could break from a religious and ideological basis.

Therefore, as a reason for rejecting the establishment of the nation in Uganda, they used, first, the spirit of Russian Jewry, and, second, an order from above. Still we have to understand that our world evolves according to a particular program by particular forces, and it was understood that life in Uganda or any other place would cost us a few hundred years of intense suffering. Without a doubt, a hand from above brought us to the land of Israel to show how much this land matches the inner potential that exists in us.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/7/15

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We Are All Crazy

Laitman_733Opinion (Umberto Eco, Italian Semiotician, Essayist, Philosopher, Literary Critic, and Novelist):  “In the last few months we have become witness to a few events that are explained only as acts of madness: The German pilot that committed suicide, an entrepreneur from Milan who shot everyone who went through the courthouse, a pilot who opened fire in his home, police who instigated a slaughter; and all of them are portrayed as having been completely normal people before these events. What kind of madness took hold of them?…

“In every person there is a little bit of madness, sometimes this takes hold of him such that aggression appears in him constructively. People like these we generally call geniuses. As far as it seems even the decapitators of ISIS at particular times of their daily lives are good husbands and loving fathers. They have a fixed salary, free food, they get up at eight in the morning, the wife prepares sandwiches for them with an omelet, and then they go and shoot a few hundred children to death. The most brutal murderer, if we hear what his mother says about him, until yesterday he was a wonderful child, in the worst case, sometimes he was a little sad.

“If so, do we need to live in constant fear, from the apprehension that at every moment the wife or the husband, the son or the daughter, the neighbor or our best friend will suddenly take an axe and crush our skull or add arsenic to our drink? In a case like this we become paranoid, constantly living on the defensive. To survive, we must at least trust and have faith in someone. All that remains is to accept the fact that absolute faith doesn’t exist.”

My Comment: As a result of our insane behavior, we will reach the conclusion that only mutual Arvut (mutual guarantee) can hold a person to a good intention regarding everyone. Only the positive influence of the right environment on each one of us can make of each one of us a faithful member of society. Otherwise, everyone will gradually go insane and in relative isolation from each other (live separately, divorce, and so forth). This will not help us refrain from behaving in an uncontrolled manner.

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Unlimited Love

laitman_572_02The Tabernacle is the place where the Creator is revealed, which means the central point where the Earth touches Heaven. The Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh) in the Tabernacle is between two cherubs (angels).

All these terms refer to the forces that are created in a person so we shouldn’t imagine any actual figures that have a material form. These figures are formed as a result of the attribute of bestowal and are aimed externally to myself.

Thanks to our ego we can divide the attribute of love and bestowal (the level of Bina) that flows like water, as it cannot be aimed at anyone in particular since otherwise it isn’t love but something that we wish to benefit from, to serve our own interest. But if it flows widely unto everyone it is the true attribute of bestowal. For example, if a person lives alone in the forest and doesn’t need anything, not a house, family, or even clothes, he may just eat some berries and it is good, but he has no self-benefit.

How can we manage and control the attribute of bestowal if it totally lacks a desire since it is full of absolute love and bestowal unto others? It can only be done if we begin to attach it to the attribute of the ego that is subordinate to it. There are two ways we can attach it: to manage the ego with the help of bestowal, or to manage bestowal by using the ego. It is one of the two. Everything is very simple. The attribute of bestowal is love. In our world I love another person because it brings me pleasure, joy, and certain feelings. In other words, my attitude towards that person and the way he makes me feel merge. But if we divide them, it turns out that I love him because I receive pleasure from him. It is egoistic love, since if my feeling fades I will not even look at him and will feel nothing for him.

In order to check that my love is not for my own benefit, I can invoke a totally opposite feeling in myself. If I suddenly discover that he has done something horrible and plans to do something against me and I still continue to love him despite the repulsion I feel, this love is not for my own benefit. The question is why do I need to love him? So by this attitude to others I will resemble the Creator. This is why a third party is needed here, the Creator. Otherwise there is no room for this kind of love.

Thus love can be egoistic or altruistic, which is not related to another person but to the source for which I have to perform such actions. I dress the attribute of bestowal (Bina) on the egoism. Bina is the basis of love. It is the reviving attribute of mother’s milk; it is the attribute of water that flows abundantly all over. When we attain this attribute we discover that we can manage it only when Malchut (egoism) is below it and is revealed gradually.

Imagine that there is a large canvas below us in which we suddenly begin to identify different shocks and that this is the only way we raise and establish the attribute of bestowal, but only thanks to the fact that the ego inside it is willing and wishes to be there. When the ego is revealed in the most revolting ways it discovers the attribute of bestowal above it. But it is actually like sand, and without it the attribute of bestowal is formless; it is simply a white cloud. But when they begin to work together the whole world is revealed and together they establish its forms.

Question: Is an embryo that is formed inside its mother also covered with the attribute of bestowal?

Answer: Of course! Nature takes care of the fact that while developing in his mother’s womb he will be wrapped with the upper love. Then he turns with his head down and is born, falling from the attribute of Bina in to Malchut and begins to grow as an egoist, so that eventually he will discover the world as he felt it in the womb, but now he will contain all of the creation inside him. He builds it by himself! This means that he attains the same attribute of bestowal but on a different level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.25.15

Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 31

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The Book of Zohar – Selected Excerpts, “BeLaila De Kala (On the Night of the Bride), Item 146

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Mutual Guarantee,” Item 26

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