Altruism: No More Than 10% Or All 100%

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (From “Report ‘On the required proportion of altruists in society: a model study’ (the Institute of Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).

“The prosperity of the economy is based on the correct proportions of altruists and egoists. If a society consists only of egoists, it will be ruined: Altruists are needed not only for moral or philosophical, but also for purely financial reasons. In an unfavorable environment, a society of egoists is unsustainable. However, the number of altruists greater than 10% among egoists is also harmful to society. …

“The researchers then altered the conditions of simulation: They made several participants ‘altruists;’ they always voted for the ‘suggestions’ that increased the ‘capital’ of society as a whole. While there were few ‘altruists,’ they acted to the detriment of themselves: Their ‘capital’ decreased, even if the ‘capital of society’ grew as a whole. The more ‘altruists,’ the better the society as a whole. The maximum benefit of society is when all are ‘altruists.’ …

“The researchers then complicated the model and introduced a different type of altruism – targeted support for the poorest in society, where members can go broke. Result: The total number of bankruptcy was reached when there is a minimum of 10% ‘altruists-philanthropists.’ A further increase in the share of ‘altruists’ leads to the state when they need to be protected, and the growth of this demand outstrips the growth of ‘protection,’ which they can provide. If society is too focused on ‘protecting the poor,’ it generally becomes poorer.”

My Comment: That is why up to 10% of altruists (See Baal HaSulam “The Last Generation”) is needed in the world for the egoistic society to prosper until it finds, as today, its final state and turns to the method of integral correction in order to reach a society that consists of altruists.

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