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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In Russia we have several groups of 10-12 people each, who specialize in integral learning. They have been studying the materials for six months, they have begun to write articles, and now the time has come for practical training. These are the circles we are preparing to become teachers and educators. What are our goals and objectives?

Answer: I think that first they need to study the materials on integral education and upbringing, learn to conduct focus groups, master classes, lectures, and then do practical training.

Groups can be much larger than 12 people. Let others join them – large social circles still need to be exposed to the integral knowledge.

First you need to make a class where you would teach and involve people in preparing materials for the publishing of books on the integral method, because this makes them advance.

Second, it is necessary to form them into a group, which will use this material (even before the actual book is ready, but parts of it are being prepared) and present these excerpts, these small works to different specialists, who will comment on them. This group will work with the material, get in touch with the specialists, and have various talks with them.

This way, this kind of work, the collection of materials, will basically turn into the formation of a certain community, a club, which will then generate their ideas in a more practical way, adapted to the social environment the club is in.

Our objective is to turn these people into active disseminators of the notion of the integral community, who would realize this through the search for appropriate scientists and specialists who agree with the integral ideas. I think that this is what matters most.

Because no matter where we are, we primarily must establish connection with people who society recognizes as the bearers of knowledge, who could join us and support us and one another to make this idea accessible to large circles of people. It is very important to the general population where the idea comes from; in other words, it must be a big community.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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