Progress That Leads To Regression

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday the Creator intentionally makes the whole world feel that it is hanging in the air. A person doesn’t know what to expect and what will happen next. Suddenly there are floods in Europe, hurricanes in America, fires, and mass killing. The whole world is shocked: “the Arab Spring,” “the Turkish Spring,” the uprisings in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt. It is all happening when with modern technology and opportunities that we have, we could have solved all the corporeal problems and turned the earth into Heaven.

Everyone knows that, politicians, scientists, and sociologists. We have reached such a level of progress that we could easily provide the whole world population with all the basic needs such as food and clothing. There is no problem except for man himself: Man is the only thing that needs to be corrected.

After all, for the time being we can promise ourselves corporeal prosperity in every area and we can solve all our problems, but at the same time half of the world’s population is starving and the other half is suffering from depression and is losing the desire to live, like in Europe where there are no food problems but there are other problems.

The only thing that can save us is changing human nature. We must all understand this and make this our main goal. There is no other way. We will not succeed in anything if we don’t change our nature. It has to be clear to everyone and first of all to those who engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

We can abandon all the other attempts to correct the situation since no matter what achievements we will make in supplying food and clothing, in heavy and light industry, in high-tech, it will not improve our state at all. Technologically we can do wonders, but we cannot use that for the benefit of mankind.

We can invent remedies for certain diseases. Even now there are already remedies for cancer, kidney and heart diseases that are much better than the ones that are used today, but it isn’t profitable to manufacture them and so they don’t reach the market. It is much more profitable to manufacture more expensive equipment and to create greater confusion in order to keep the doctors and the medical professionals busier. A whole industry revolves around this; the healthcare system is a healthcare plant.

So we cannot fix anything before we correct human nature. We have to focus only on that and then we will succeed. Otherwise it won’t work.

My practically new printer went out of order a while ago. I managed to print only 50 pages and it already stopped working. The manufacturers intentionally manufacture products that will break down immediately and we will have to buy new ones. Our nature intentionally makes us do everything in the opposite manner. It seems that technology is advancing but the bottom line is that we are regressing in every area. It is all meant so that we will understand the evil in us.

No wonder no one feels secure and there is no good and pleasant environment for our children. Eventually it will be impossible to predict what will happen from one moment to the next and you will turn into a little frightened rabbit hiding under a leaf. This will be our life: In the morning you will think about how to survive until the evening and at night you will wait for the morning.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to advance without fear. After all, I am an egoist, so the only way to impress me is by fear. There are endless types of fear: good or bad fear, fear of this world and of the next world, fear of not attaining the Creator, of not being able to perceive Him, of not being able to bestow upon Him. But in any case, fear is the most efficient stimulus. Fear can lead to what is desirable, as it is derived from the desire. I want to achieve a certain goal and I fear that will not be able to achieve it, which means that fear stems from fear and this is already a real motive , which is called “fear.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/13, Writings of Rabash, “Igrot,” Letter 16

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