An Obscure Cloud Over The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, we feel that the world is changing—but why? It’s because the Creator is becoming revealed. He is getting closer, and we feel changes in our world. These changes are turned against our egoistic desire, and that is why we perceive them as something obscure. For the first time in our lives, it seems to us that we can’t fit into this world, into this life. We can’t understand what’s going on.

Usually, we performed this job ourselves; we made changes, instead of life forcing them upon us. We simply saw that it would be better that way. But today everything is to the contrary. Life is changing, the world is changing, and we are falling into confusion, as if losing control over what is happening and ceasing to understand it. All of a sudden, we find ourselves in a new world full of unpleasant surprises—more and more with each day.

We feel absolutely helpless, like people who went astray or like scared and confused children who don’t know or understand anything. And all of that is because the quality of bestowal and love towards the other is getting closer to us and beginning to gradually cover us like a cloud.

So far, this cloud is light and translucent, but it descends onto us from Above, and we start losing our regular senses in it: vision, awareness. Nothing works in this fog anymore. Little by little, here and there, we still use what is left from the past. But there are many actions we can’t perform because this cloud hides the cause and effect from us, and doesn’t let us understand the correct course of action.

In fact, this means the Creator is approaching us. And until we begin to change accordingly, we won’t be able to see what to do with our lives through this cloud, through this new quality of bestowal and love, connection, unity, globality and integrality.

Certainly, we can try adjusting ourselves to this cloud. We won’t be able to drive it away, but only to get adjusted to it somehow. And then, the more it descends onto us, the more we become alike.

If not, it will happen the other way around. It will shroud us with such a fog that it will force us to become like it because we’ll feel increasingly weaker and unable to understand, feel, react, and deal with our lives.

We can wait until the situation becomes absolutely frightening, desperate, and uncertain, and sufferings will finally push us toward action. They will be greater than the efforts required of us, and then we will run searching how to save ourselves from these sufferings, to lessen or sweeten them. Or we can start looking for energy and force, cause, and motivation, which let us advance against our nature and change it in order to conform to this cloud, in advance.

Then we will understand what is going on here. Our new qualities will help us understand the nature of this cloud, according to the law of equivalence of form, and we will be able to get settled in it. It won’t appear as a fog anymore; on the contrary, it will become a revelation of a new governance that is much better, stronger, and more desirable then the previous one.

After all, we were governed by our ego before, while now it is the upper force ruling. To the extent we understand it, we enter the same area of revelation and begin to exist in it, to understand and sense it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s Letter

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