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Dr. Michael LaitmanThroughout our entire history of development, besides the period from the Exodus from Egypt until the destruction of the Temple when Israel existed as a spiritual nation, all the previous two thousand years, Kabbalists used to establish small groups among themselves and that was enough.

But now, we have to build the new system of mutual bestowal in an absolutely tangible way, like all connections and systems operating in this world. Namely, we should build it not just in internal relationships between us, like the groups of Kabbalists who reveal the quality of bestowal between themselves; rather, today the quality of bestowal has to get realized in the matter of this world!

That should be a full and tangible application of this spiritual quality in our life, imprinted in all the nations, industry, commerce, man’s relationship with the world and society, in all everyday systems. It has to be revealed at every stage, in every element and part of corporeal relationships, in our entire daily life related to food, sex, family, honor, power, and knowledge. In other words, everything that exists in this world has to exist with the intention to bestow.

First of all, we need a new upbringing, and then we can begin with corrections because if we begin correcting the society before we correct ourselves, we’ll spoil it even further. The world will become even worse to show us our faultiness!

If today you don’t understand that you are corrupted inside and intend to change something outside, all the changes you will implement will be purposefully turned inside out for you to be forced to come back and first of all, correct yourself. And based on that internal correction, you will be able to come out with the external changes—from inside to outside. This is the only way to correct reality.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/2011, “The Nation”

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  1. ‘First of all, we need a new upbringing, and then we can begin with corrections.’…
    I have realized that I cannot even make any corrections myself. Each time I think I have “changed” a bad behavior, I act that way again. Is that because my desire to change is not strong enough? Are all changes done by the Creator and nothing except building the desire done by me?

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