Clearing The Darkness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world is awakening. Moreover, it is being awakened by darkness: The egoistic desire is no longer receiving fulfillment and it feels that it finds itself in a multi-crisis. I marry and divorce. I have children, but they do not respect me. I want to give them a good education, but the results are nothing like I had imagined.

I want the simple joys of life, but instead I become depressed. I want to save some money, but I get hit by life and am left with nothing. I have spent my life putting money in my retirement plan, and it is disappearing together with the evaporating bank assets. I look for peace in nature, but it responds with natural disasters.

What matters in all of this is the feeling that the world is being submerged into darkness: There is no reason for a person to live, no reason to have children…. The program of development has its hands on humanity and keeps demonstrating more clearly the absence of fulfillment and darkness.

The same is happening with us, but we encounter the same symptoms, quickly find points of support, and jump over this state. This is because we have the method, the guide for action, that helps us move forward.

However, the world does not have anything like this. People do not understand the darkness that has come over them, its reason and purpose. At the end, no matter where a person turns, nothing fulfills him, nothing really makes him happy.

This way, the world is also moving towards a critical state, when through a lot of hard work people will need to accept that the time has come to change the way of life. Otherwise, this darkness will not clear since it is the opposite side of the Light. It speaks of the Light, the quality of bestowal, that is coming closer to us. But we keep feeling worse as it approaches us, we do not want bestowal, we do not want to live in it. On the contrary, we want to keep satisfying our egoistic desires.

However, there is no other solution. We see the way Nature is presenting itself to humanity: “I am bringing the quality of bestowal to you, and you will suffer until you will want to accept it as the best thing possible.”

Who will explain to people what is happening? We will. We must explain the essence of these changes to them. And the more we delay this explanation, the more people will hate us. Because on one hand, people do not want the quality of bestowal, but on the other, they will feel that we have the solution to the problems and we are standing in their way towards goodness. We must explain to them: What is happening in the world and what to do with the darkness that has fallen over them.

So far we are “imposing” on them with our message: “Look, we can explain world events. It is time to change the direction; man needs to change, not the world. The global integrated crisis is not a crisis. On the contrary, the quality of bestowal is here.” But for now they do not hear us.

Another several months will go by, we will be hit by several other disasters, and people will start listening. They will begin to understand the cause of darkness, helplessness, confusion, and the inability to control the world in the old manner. After all, nothing works, all the systems are collapsing.

And on our part, we must hurry with circulation. It is like an armada of flying saucers standing over Earth, with their projectors at full strength—this is how the quality of bestowal is influencing us. And only when we become like this quality, will we see light, warmth, joy, and hope for the future, eternity, and perfection in it.

It is not easy to explain the truth to the world. We need to rewrite the materials, explain them in various forms and from different angles. It is really difficult for people to switch their perception, direct it in a new way.

However, our time is special. Generations of Kabbalists have dreamed about it, but we are the ones who have merited to not only live in this time, but also understand what is happening.

Many people are now experiencing the crisis in their lives, an inner collapse, family drama, or drug abuse. This does not depend on the level of prosperity: It is also a disaster to have had fifty million dollars and be left with five, even though it is difficult for us to imagine this. People do not know that the blows have a purpose—and this is awful. A person can survive anything if he knows that he is moving towards a goal and the suffering will pay off and turn into gain. But what do you do when nothing shines ahead?

You and I know about the Thought of Creation, its purpose and that everything bad leads us towards goodness, and this is a gift from Above. There are billions of people in the world suffering without a glimpse of light ahead of them. And we must explain to them that there is a reason and a purpose to what is happening, a big reward and a possibility to turn every blow into a good blow.

It is necessary to bring this news to the world. The time has come. Even if people are deafened by suffering and do not want to listen (after all, only pain comes through blows), yet, having waited for the right quiet moment, it is possible to instill a drop of explanation into a person. Then do it again and again. This way sensations will alternate with information. We must watch the waves that flow through the world and fill the intervals between them with information about the cause and the essence of events.

Then people will perceive every new blow with a greater understanding, until the understanding counterbalances the disasters and brings them the feeling of causality and purposefulness, and later also of benefit. Instead of pain, a person will suddenly experience the desired relief because now he is being compensated. But when I am immediately rewarded for hard work, I do not feel the effort.

When the result is visible, the efforts are recorded as an asset, not an expense, because they bring profit. Moreover, they add weight and flavor to it since they helped me form a need, a vessel, an appetite in me, that allows me to enjoy the wonderful meal.
From the 3rd Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/6/2011

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  1. People simply need a method! Do you have a method that you can explain it simple words? I didn’t hear it yet, but maybe you or your students can explain it as for a 5 year old? What is this method practically?

    Now the lessons are split in lots of small parts that barely connect, its very confusing what you are offering.

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