Ignorant People Are The Main Resource Of Modern Capitalism

laitman_547_05In The News (sdelanounih.ru): The main resource of the modern economy is the imbecile. You can sell him anything. Humanity reached the peak of scientific and technological power in the 60’s of the 20th century. There was a great demand for engineers, physicists, and mathematicians then, so these occupations were fashionable, respected, and valued. It was fashionable to be smart.

“But detente in the mid 70’s wiped out the fashionableness of science and knowledge. The fashionable rationalism and positive approach towards science began to be recognizably undermined.

“In the 60’s the normal basic needs of the ‘Golden Billion’ were satisfied. People began to wake up to the question of the meaning of life and to eliminate it, the business world found another question and answer.

“Capitalism began to not just meet requirements as before, but to create new needs and meet them.

“Marketing came to the fore—the doctrine of how to make something unnecessary seem necessary and purchased. This is the role of total advertising.

“Marketing professionals build the needs. Global capitalism established a more difficult mission than the manipulation of human consciousness, the shaping of the ideal consumer who totally lacks the ability to think rationally and has no scientific knowledge about the world—something like a pipe through which one end products are pumped in and on the other end they fly into the dump.

“The clueless buffoon cheerfully living with elementary emotions and craving novelty. Grabbing a new toy, he must immediately throw away the old. The media doesn’t descend to the level of the reader to elevate him; it works to pull him down.

“The purpose of education is also to educate the cultured consumer. It is not necessary to hold onto anything in one’s head; everything can be found through Google. After all, if a person doesn’t know anything, it is possible to push everything on him.

“Ignorance and darkness are the last refuge of modern capitalism and its most important component without which the modern market cannot exist.”

My Comment: These overlords will not get anything since they are acting against the law of evolution in nature. This law will break them and bring humanity by the way of suffering or the way of re-education to a developed and elevated state.

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