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I Am Ready To Jump Into The Red Sea

laitman_232_09Rabash, “What is the Blessing ‘That A Miracle Happened to Me in this Place’ in the Work”: Therefore it says about the exile in Egypt: “Remember that you were a slave in Egypt,” which means that being a slave is so bad because Israel suffered in Egypt.

This means that on the one hand, they felt what it means to be Israel (Yashar-El, straight to the Creator) a little, and on the other hand, they realized that the opposite force governs them. Thus, they began to feel that they were enslaved, held there against their will.

Therefore, it says “remember,” which means that we should remember the sufferings that they suffered there. Then there is a reason to rejoice at the redemption from Egypt.

They should truly regret their slavery and really want to change the situation in order to change the domination of one force to the other force, to the domination of the Creator. As much as the Pharaoh rules, we want the domination of the Creator, and thus increase one with regard to the other until we pass through the 49 gates of impurity behind which the force of bestowal, the Creator, is revealed, which is called the exodus from Egypt.

It is impossible to come out of Egypt with little recognition of the evil that our ego causes us. It must be an unbearable state where  my death is better than this life. I am ready to jump into the Red Sea and to do everything so that I will not have to remain in my ego.

This is the reason that this work can only be done in a group where everyone works together and is incorporated in one another. Everyone collects all the efforts and the feelings of enslavement from all the others and thus feels that he must come out and that he cannot remain there. This is the reason that working on the connection gives everyone such a strong feeling of pain that he is thus forced to demand the exit to redemption.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/14, Writing of Rabash

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An Open Letter To Michael Douglas Following The Anti-Semitic Attack Of His Son

Laitman_043After his son had been attacked by anti-Semites, Michael Douglas published a letter in the Los Angeles Times:

“Last summer our family went to Southern Europe on holiday. During our stay at a hotel, our son Dylan went to the swimming pool. A short time later he came running back to the room, upset. A man at the pool had started hurling insults at him.

“My first instinct was to ask, ‘Were you misbehaving?’

“’No,’ Dylan told me through his tears.

“I stared at him. And suddenly I had an awful realization of what might have caused the man’s outrage: Dylan was wearing a Star of David.

“After calming him down, I went to the pool and asked the attendants to point out the man who had yelled at him. We talked. It was not a pleasant discussion. Afterward, I sat down with my son and said: ‘Dylan, you just had your first taste of anti-Semitism.’ …

“My son is strong. He is fortunate to live in a country where anti-Semitism is rare. But now he too has learned of the dangers that he as a Jew must face. It’s a lesson that I wish I didn’t have to teach him, a lesson I hope he will never have to teach his children.”

An Open Letter to Michael Douglas:

Dear Michael,

My name is Michael Laitman. I am a Jew living in Israel. Your story about the experience your son had in Southern Europe touched me deeply. I admire your courage to expose what many fear to open, and your fame gives weight to a sensitive issue that requires scrutiny.

As a Jew who was born in Russia, I had my share of anti-Semitic experiences. Like you, they did not weaken me, but helped shape my Jewish identity, eventually leading to my emigration to Israel. You could say that anti-Semites forged my Zionism.

My many years of scientific research studying philosophy, Kabbalah, and ontology have shaped my worldview, which is based on Jewish roots closely interlocked with modern scientific thought. I have devoted a great deal of time studying and researching the reason for anti-Semitism in order to understand why this phenomenon doesn’t disappear but only resurfaces with new pretexts. In two articles recently published in The New York Times , “Who Are You the People of Israel?” and “What do We Jews Owe the World?,” I outlined my position that I would like to share with you today.

There is only one root to all the expressions of anti-Semitism. Neither the Jews nor those who don’t like them know the main reason for anti-Semitism. Just like subconscious impulses that force us to perform actions that cannot be explained, anti-Semitism doesn’t require any rational basis. With the first signs of social or financial crises anti-Semitism grows stronger and is revealed in the form of accusations and claims against the Jews.

The only way to eradicate anti-Semitism is to completely uproot it from society. The most amazing thing is that the victims of anti-Semitism hold the key to solving this problem in their own hands. All of us, every man, woman, and child, are born with a basic desire to live in peace, safety, and happiness.

Deeply rooted in the subconscious of every human being is the idea that this is possible only if all the people in the world learn to treat one another with sensitivity and care. Just like a family that cares about each of its members, humanity as a whole will be able to survive only if people will be able to relate to one another like family, not as enemies.

Many generations ago, before the destruction of the Temple and the exile from the land of Israel, the Jewish nation established a society in which such relations were cultivated. Deep within us lies this dormant attribute; we have to awaken this attribute so that we can reestablish the relationships of kinship and friendship across society. We have forgotten that we have this attribute, and the other peoples aren’t even aware of its existence.

Jews and people of other nationalities instinctively feel that the Jewish people are “holding back” something special that they don’t want to share with the other nations and that it is vital for the survival of humanity. So in tough times people point to the Jews and we invoke anger and resentment in them, which often leads to violence. The nations of the world instinctively, unconsciously feel this “something,”which is the model of a society already built by us in the past and our ability to sustain society on the basis of solidarity, mutual guarantee, and care for others.

The ancient Jewish society was based on the commandment “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This precept must once again become mandatory in our hyper-egoistic society, but we have no idea how to implement it in life.

Many people hate the Jews, but no one can really explain the reason for their hatred, and certainly are not in a position to curtail it. Because we continue to carry the seed of mutual responsibility innately, we have to awaken it to life and to share this unique knowledge with the whole world. If we succeed not only will anti-Semitism disappear, but also all forms of hatred will cease to exist.

Most Jews are not aware of this dormant property and are not even aware that it exists. Imagine you are told that you have a real treasure in your pocket and you only need to take it out of your pocket to become the owner of the priceless gift. Would you question the need to find this gem?

We have a precious gift called “mutual guarantee.” It sleeps in our hearts and we refuse to acknowledge it. If we open our hearts just a little, we will discover it inside. We are obliged to immediately share this treasure with the whole world; this is the only reason it was given to us. It is a miraculous property “embedded” in us so that we will pass it on to the other nations rather than hoard it for ourselves.

Dear Michael, this is the only way to make the future of the Jewish people and all of mankind safer and brighter, and I very much hope you will join our mission.

Michael Laitman

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According To The Program Of Nature

The Crown Of Creation

Laitman_709Question: I want to clarify the place of man in nature. On one hand, in a certain meaning, the life of modern man seems more miserable than the life of a beast, and on the other hand, as a result of the wisdom of connection, man can become a “superman” that sees the future, and everything will be opened in front of him.

Answer: However, for that, you need to exit from your “I” and feel the other as yourself. By that, you rise above your ego; you are not thinking about the corporeal benefit. You rise above yourself as you know it today and integrate in one big thought, in what is called the thought of creation, and want to realize it with full strength. Then you begin to understand that in order to realize it, you must bring it for everyone to know. This raises you above the animate degree. You begin to relate to everyone in a completely different form, relating in a good way like you do to yourself. You don’t feel any difference between the natures of the still, vegetative, animate, and man because you will relate to all with love.

Question: But which place in nature do I grasp?

Answer: You identify with the general mind that lies in nature, with all the intensity that is in the system, and you really will rise above all remaining creatures, above all existence, because you will know, understand, and be able to bestow upon the great thought of nature and its plan. Inside this plan, you will insert the missing “free” factor, which formerly was accidental because you did not participate in it by your choice, and, when you participate in this thought in an independent form, you add intensity to it. Thanks to you, all the still, vegetative, and animate nature begins to feel changes for the good from the side of the thought of creation, from the side of the forces that are managing and holding life within them. Finally, all of nature begins to calm down and reaches harmony.

Question: What will my dog feel at that time?

Answer: The dog cannot feel anything except the life of a beast, good or bad. But when man corrects himself, it will influence the animals too. It will improve their health and will give them a more comfortable feeling because now your dog suffers only because of you. If you have a bad mood, the dog feels it. Sometimes, man suffers from depression, and after some time his dog needs medication also, needs medication against depression. Everything begins in man. Therefore, it is worthwhile for us to make efforts, at least for our dog.

Question: Before I thought man was at the top of the pyramid of development, above all levels of nature—still, vegetative, and animate—but now I am not sure what my place is in all the system of nature.

Answer: As a result of egoistic development, man lowered himself to the bottom of the pyramid because he feels himself the most miserable of all instead of being at the top. But we are capable of reversing the pyramid. The levels of still, vegetative, and animate feel connection with the thought of creation, with its plan, and man does not feel it. We are still managed by it, but without our consent, without merging with it.

We must bring ourselves to adhesion, and then we will find ourselves at the top of the pyramid. The entire world will belong to us! We will rise above space, time, and motion, and coincidence. Like that, man moves from corporeal things and momentary calculations that are proved wrong tomorrow or even in the next moment, and exits to the level of thought.

Question: Who is wiser, man or nature?

Answer: Clearly nature is smarter! Who created whom? Nature is smarter and stronger than man.

Question: Then, what does it mean that man finds himself at the top of the pyramid?

Answer: To be on the top means to come to adhesion with the thought of creation. Because in man lies the ability to reach understanding and attainment of the whole plan of creation, its purpose, he rises to the same degree as the whole of nature, and in this form he reaches equivalence of form with the thought, includes himself in it, and reaches completion. This is called to be the crown of creation. For that, man was created. Precisely because of that we suffer today. This is the beginning of the correct deficiency to arrive at this state.

Question: So, we might come to the simple conclusion that if we would learn to feel the other as we feel ourselves, then we will succeed in seeing the future!

Answer: Correct.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 2/23/14

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In The Right And Honorable Exile

Laitman_509Everything begins with the feeling of exile. A person can study a lot, invest, but the question is when (if at all), will he begin to feel that he is in exile? It’s possible that he has a lot of desires, he wants to know the next world, wants to change himself and the world, but that still isn’t considered exile.

Exile is the lack of our ability to work for the Creator, to giveHim pleasure, and nothing else. This means that exile is a very honorable level, a high and difficult stage. As it is said, “One against the other was created by the Creator.” I begin to discover that I am in exile only with the help of the Light that bestows that shows me my situation and brings me to the feeling of exile.

The Light strengthens more and more and brings me the feeling that I am passing the way of the 49 gates of Impurity, because I am within the egoistic desire and can’t give pleasure to the Creator. And so I shout, “Let my people go!” I understand that I am not able to reach bestowing and giving pleasure to the Creator even though it was my only goal and passion.

Only then I reach the end of the exile and receive Kelim (desire) for redemption. After all, I went through all the gates except the 50th gate, which I don’t feel and am not able to correct.

Thus, one has to exert great efforts in order to clarify the discernments that govern us as opposed to the discernment of bestowal and love of others. That will be the true state of discovery, which means the discovery of exile.

This means that “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.” I don’t know what the Creator is, where He is located, how to relate or to be in contact with Him. We have no means of communication between us. Thus, instead of this I am given other people and the great rule of the Torah, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If I connect everything together, then I can attract the Light that Reforms, which is called “Torah,” which raises me to the level of the Creator.

This means that instead of the Creator, we were given the group, the work field where we can design ourselves in relation to the Creator. Numerous systems are built according to this principle. There are very simple systems where I see myself, see the goal, and the way to reach it. This system was created for simple, non-developed people or small children.

A more advanced person can make longer-term plans that realized in a few years. This is the way all the means of communication work. Even a rocket that is fired doesn’t see the target that is beyond the horizon. But I know how to calculate according to the present data and aim myself towards the goal.

And here it is the same. If I direct myself correctly, with the help of all available means—the Rav, books, group, and dissemination—then I direct myself towards the Creator and I will reach Him. Thus, it is said, “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This means that in this world I always have exact means in order to direct myself to the Creator.

If I understand this, then I feel that I am in the correct exile. This means that I am lacking the contact point with the Creator. And even without any contact with the Creator and without knowing Him, without any hints, I can nevertheless, with the help of the available means at hand, reach the feeling that I am in exile, that I cannot give pleasure to the Creator, and I am far from Him. He is there somewhere! And then I clarify where that “somewhere” is, where the “49 gates of Impurity” are, and understand that the Creator is the opposite of impurity. From within this gap, between exile and redemption, the feeling of deficiency is born that I equip myself with and am able to exit Egypt with great possessions and to continue to work with them to transform the “49 gates of impurity” into gates of purity.

Thus, we shouldn’t think that we have no means. We have everything that is needed, except for the spiritual attributes of bestowal that we will receive only if we desire them. And we were given all the means to desire them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/14, Writings of the Ari

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