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Erev Rav Or The Mixed Multitude

Laitman_079_02Midrash Raba, Numbers: “Take the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel…” the calculation refers only to those who were born Jews and not the mixed multitude (erev rav).

Question: It says in Midrash Raba that the calculation refers only to the twelve tribes, but not to those who followed them (the hoard).

Answer: The mixed multitude refers to the egoists that cannot be corrected because they do not obey the spiritual laws. They do not subdue themselves before them and don’t participate in the general unity and connection. They are nourished by different spiritual sources, trying to grab and use as much as they can for their own sake. They always graze next to the attribute of love and bestowal—near those who truly yearn for and aim at the Creator—in order to grab their share. This is their only source of life, and they are always around the camp of those who yearn for the Creator because they cannot detach themselves from them as they nourish them and it is their source of life.

By the way, this doesn’t refer to the nations of the world. If they feel bad, they understand that Israel is responsible for that for some reason because they are not fulfilling their mission.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/17/14

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A Working Engine In A Broken Machine

laitman_934Question: How must I look at the group if I imagine that everything in the world is a desire to receive?

Answer: The group are the desires that belong to you that you can use to be strengthened through the help of their power. It is necessary to relate to these foreign desires as your desires as if they were corrected and connected to you.

You must relate to the group as a tool that is in final correction with love, commonality, joy, and great appreciation—that you have received a tremendous auxiliary power. Within your general desire, they gave you one corrected part. The entire world is a gigantic system in which everything has been “sold out.” Everything is false, and suddenly, within the damaged system, you find one corrected and whole part that is in adhesion with the Creator. It functions ideally, and with its help you can correct all the rest of the parts like in a machine.

Other than this, you discover that this part is the main one within the system. This is the engine, and, after this part, you discover additional corrected parts, Kabbalists from the past who already were corrected within your spiritual system. In other words, you have an anchor.

If you enter into the corrected system called a “group” and are included in it, then you correct and calibrate yourself relative to all the rest of the parts within the system. With its help, you build yourself. The group becomes a home for you in which you escape from the entire world. You get power from there, and then you go out to correct the entire world. This is a lifesaver you cannot do without. It makes it possible for you to check if you are advancing toward correction or toward destruction. Otherwise you don’t know. Is it possible to check this with your intellect?

You cannot do anything alone. However, within the group, you calibrate yourself. If you didn’t do this in a group, you would have no chance of doing something right or even knowing that you did something incorrectly, in what form, and what you must correct. You understand nothing.

The group that is given to you is a relatively correct system to the degree that you nullify yourself in regard to it. You get a ready-made tool that is ready for correction on condition that you are also ready for correction. The more you invest in the group, the more you get correct settings to correct the rest of the shattered desires. The group is the corrected area within your desire, and then you will begin to feel that the entire world is corrected, except for you.

Question: What is my work regarding the corrected area?

Answer: If you nullify your ego toward the friends, then you calibrate yourself “for the sake of bestowal.” With the powers, the perception, the changes that have begun in you, you go out and implement actions “in order to bestow.” Without the group, you will not be able to even move from your place. It is impossible, and with the group you are connected all day, and you calibrate yourself toward a correct perception of the world, to the right attitude in regard to all of its parts and yourself, so the day isn’t wasted.

If you come to a group once or twice a week, then, accordingly you will get an opportunity to correct yourself. Every day must begin by looking at the entire world through the group. Otherwise, you never will be able to look at reality correctly. You will not know what else to add, what to yearn for, and what to change.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/14, The Zohar

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Dawn Over Dark Fiords

laitman_942Question: If I must see the entire world in the form of desires, how should I relate to people we meet when we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: All of these people are your desires. If you relate to a person that way, he will begin to feel that you are his relative, that you are connected to him. This leads to a connection between you that ties him to your system in a way that he doesn’t understand. Try to treat a person that way and you will see how you neutralize all the actions, thoughts, and plans that he may have against you.

Question: What does it mean to relate to others as to my own desires?

Answer: It is just as you relate to your own desires, which may be very unpleasant, cause you suffering, and you don’t like them, but you are forced to live with them. This is exactly how you should relate to other people. You perceive them as strangers in order to overcome this perception to connect with them as one man in one heart so that the physical body will not be a barrier between you.

This means that your approach should be that you want to feel others as part of you. This is exactly how we should see the world. The more you yearn for connection, the more you begin to feel help from inside you as if something changes. This is the action of the Light. You don’t feel the ray of Light, but you feel the changes. As it is written, “By Your actions we know You.” You must pray and demand that your desires should connect into one desire even though your desires are basically different.

Every part in Malchut is different from the other parts, and the shattering emphasizes this. Therefore, when the shattered parts that are detached from one another connect, they reach an intensity that is 620 times stronger. The detachment that they felt before intensifies the desire now, and so we return to the state of one man in one heart, and the intensity of the hatred between us strengthens the connection between us.

Suppose you live in New York and I live in Israel. Everything would be fine, and we would be good friends until we got closer and began to live together in one room. How difficult would it be to remain good friends now when we live together and feel the constant frictions between us?

The distance that concealed the differences between us before must become the connection between us now. This is our work. The hatred—Mt. Sinai, Pharaoh—is between us, and we turn them into a connection that is 620 times stronger than the connection we felt before.

It isn’t about the connection itself, but about knowing the Creator. The Light that penetrated the desires, like sea water that filled the valleys between mountains and created fiords, caused the detachment and the hatred. The Light has come, but we received it in order to receive and so it increased our vessels by 620 times and brought hatred and detachment with it, filling all the gaps between the desires that weren’t felt before.

The Light gives us the feeling of detachment in all our desires. I don’t agree with you in any way, and my opinion is opposite from yours regarding any matter, and it is the same with everyone else. Now, we can correct this hate. Hatred is the posterior of the Light; it isn’t a vessel. If I work with this hate and turn it into love, I discover what the Light is, its property, and what it means. This is how I discover the Creator.

The desire to receive was created in a way that cannot be changed. All of our work is with the posterior of the Light with the shattering that it has caused. When I discover my egoism, the hatred, the rejections, that belong to spirituality; I discover the posterior of the Light, its oppositeness. Instead of the Light, I discover Orta (darkness, night).

This is how I acquire the attribute of the Light by myself and become a person of the Light. The Light penetrated the desire to receive during the shattering. The Light is the same, but we feel it as darkness, detachment, and hatred.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/14, The Zohar

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The World In The Eyes Of Every Generation

laitman_423_02Question: How can Kabbalists who attain inner connection see a world that is shattered and divided?

Answer: It is the result of our mutual incorporation. I am in a corrected world, but at the same time I am connected to all the people in the world and I feel that it is corrupted. This is the difference between private Providence and general Providence: from my attainment to the attainment of everyone else. This state remains until the end of correction.

I saw my teacher, who was a great Kabbalist, on the highest spiritual levels in GAR of Atzilut and at the same time he was ill and needed basic necessities like everyone else. He behaved like any ordinary human being in his corporeal life. If it weren’t so, we wouldn’t be able to connect through our perception of the world.

A Kabbalist perceives the whole world as corrected, but since we are incorporated in it, he sees things that are corrupt. From his subjective perspective he should see all of us at the end of correction, but he sees and perceives us just the way we see ourselves, Baal HaSulam even asked to be lowered even more so he would be able to connect to people.

We cannot understand this split in the perception of reality. It is impossible for us. These are two different levels. The world will be seen through the individual shattered souls until every soul is incorporated in all the other souls. Until then the perspective of the world through the shattered souls will remain even though I may be perfectly corrected. I will still see the world the way my generation sees it by being incorporated in the other souls. At the same time I can be incorporated in all the other generations and see the world through their eyes.

A Kabbalist’s private correction all the way to the actual general end of correction doesn’t free him from being connected to the shattered souls. He also sees what they see and has two forms of reality, both on the level of Bina and on the level of Malchut.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Preferential Treatment For Discovering The Creator

laitman_214Question: What is the force of creation and the program is created to do what?  Are they preparing us for something hidden behind everything that happens?

Answer: Certainly! We are being prepared for the discovery of the Creator to the creature in this world. The wisdom of Kabbalah was designed for this because every person must discover the Creator. The Creator (Bore) means “Bo-Re” (Come and see). That is what we call it since the person comes and finds.

Question: What must one come to see?

Answer: To attainment, to feeling, to opening yourself with the help of two opposing forces, that between them you discover the higher system and the essence of its internal program. And this is called the Creator. This is the truest wisdom (science) and so that is why it is also called the wisdom of Kabbalah. You reach this discovery scientifically, as in every other science.

Question: What must the person do to penetrate into this system, into this “computer”?

Answer: Only realize the recommendations and advice of the Kabbalists: Come and learn, carry out activities that develop the sixth sense with whose help you discover the Creator, the upper world. Exactly as the person feels our world, he will discover an additional reality that manages us, accompanies us, and organizes everything for us.

Question: Can you give me “preferential treatment” to help penetrate into this “computer”?

Answer: This is precisely what we are doing. But you are required to invest a little energy in this: Come and learn, participate in all kinds of activities that open your senses. Then you will begin to feel the same system that activates you through this world. Everything is opened before you.

Question: When we study the wisdom of Kabbalah, do we learn about this system?

Answer: Yes! This is called “Revealing the Creator to His creatures in this world,” revealing the system of higher management to every person found in our world.

Question: Is the wisdom of Kabbalah some kind of philosophical learning?

Answer: No. Philosophy is thinking and reasoning without any real results in our lives. Instead, the wisdom of Kabbalah is a very practical science. It reveals the upper world to a person and teaches him how he can manage his life correctly.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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The Future Belongs To A Horizontal Society

Laitman_120In the News (from “The essential need of a person is the need for meaning and personal-social significance, so they will notice him and respect him. This idea is embedded in everything, in housing, in nourishment, in clothing, in the type of relationships, in choosing a profession or job.

“Many contemptuous words have been written about pursuing power, pursuing respect, conceit, pursuing profit, avarice, corruption… and even about a feeling of self-esteem, pride, humiliation, about the poor and about those who are discriminated against in society, about equality and equal opportunities…And all of this is from discovering the need to be significant and important.

“Since people began to communicate through information and the fruit of their hands, social inequality appeared. Wealth, dominance and praise cover him with some importance, with some value. Things began to indicate the status of the person in society. A person who is not more exceptional than the person who ‘stands above him’ in something, becomes an angry creature dreaming of annihilating the one who offends him.

“It is possible to see two kinds of people here: 1. Someone who intentionally and openly demonstrates his superiority over others. 2. Someone who hides his superiority, happy to gloat over the inferiority of others.

“Humanity is sick and infected with consumerism; this buys social meaningfulness that depends on the number of ‘stakeholders.’ Particularly strong is national pride, in particular in small and economically impoverished nations. This is because other than national pride, a person doesn’t have anything else that can give him importance among the other inhabitants on the face of the Earth. And woe be it to someone who defiles that pride. Everything that a person does is all in order to maintain and raise his personal importance and significance in his social environment.

“Status attained through wealth cannot be less than the status of dominance and glory. The significance is that a person who gets a high position in the hierarchy of power, aspires to seize property appropriate to his greatness, as well as a matching level of publicity. And this is the reason for embezzlement, taking bribes, removing competitors.

“The source that nourishes corruption is the right of a government official to consume and exploit property that doesn’t belong to him. The higher the level of the governmental official, the higher is the degree of corruption. The salary of a state official is much less in comparison to the income of an independent businessman, whereas the meaningfulness and importance in the pyramid of control is great.

“As long as a vertical hierarchy of government jobs exists, it will be useless to fight corruption and even harmful: This struggle could generate and create more sophisticated forms of corruption and move to higher levels. In horizontal relationships this is otherwise: There the corruption is a distortion that awakens confusion among the observers: Why should there be a bribe or theft when a positive result can even be achieved without them?

“In a normal society that is built through horizontal management, the relationships are also normal. Friendship is exchanged for friendship, love is exchanged for love, and so are also the relationships of those possessing a materially creative nature.”

My Comment: I think that there is no other way of getting rid of defects and corruption than building a horizontal society of equal and reciprocally connected people.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.08.15

Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “Concerning Above Reason” 

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, “BeLaila De Kala (Night of the Bride),” Item 126

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Writings of RabashDargot HuSulam,” Item 557 

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