Erev Rav Or The Mixed Multitude

Laitman_079_02Midrash Raba, Numbers: “Take the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel…” the calculation refers only to those who were born Jews and not the mixed multitude (erev rav).

Question: It says in Midrash Raba that the calculation refers only to the twelve tribes, but not to those who followed them (the hoard).

Answer: The mixed multitude refers to the egoists that cannot be corrected because they do not obey the spiritual laws. They do not subdue themselves before them and don’t participate in the general unity and connection. They are nourished by different spiritual sources, trying to grab and use as much as they can for their own sake. They always graze next to the attribute of love and bestowal—near those who truly yearn for and aim at the Creator—in order to grab their share. This is their only source of life, and they are always around the camp of those who yearn for the Creator because they cannot detach themselves from them as they nourish them and it is their source of life.

By the way, this doesn’t refer to the nations of the world. If they feel bad, they understand that Israel is responsible for that for some reason because they are not fulfilling their mission.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/17/14

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  1. Rav Shalom,
    Are the Rabbis of today, especially those that oppose Kabbalah!! Are they or are they not the Sitra Achra? Or the erev Rav,, Those in Israel at most?

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