“God-Fearing” Egyptians

Laitman_509The Midrash, “BeShalach”: The Pharaoh chose the best six hundred chariots they had in the land of Egypt. In addition, he took other chariots and appointed charioteers. The Almighty’s plan was that the Egyptian army would pursue the children of Israel until they all drowned.

Where did they get horses for chariots? Hadn’t the animals died in Egypt during the plagues of “starvation and hail”?

The animals were provided by “God-fearing” Egyptians who obeyed Moses’ warnings before the “plague of hail,” and placed their animals in barns. Now, they volunteered to lend their animals to persecute the Jews.

“G-d-fearing” Egyptians are those who revere the Torah commandments and at the same time think only about themselves. They are spiritual criminals! Among them, there are those who exited from Egypt together with the Jews as well as those who stayed in Egypt. In the Torah, they are called “big rabble” (Erev Rav).

On one hand, they obeyed Moses, but on the other hand, they gladly gave everything they had to the Pharaoh.

Question: At some point, they listened to Moses and used an anti-egoistic screen to hide their animal desires. Why all of sudden did they change so dramatically?

Answer: Their duty is to accompany us in our spiritual work and “provide us” with multiple troubles. They had to participate in the destruction of the First and the Second Temples. They partake in all harms that continue happening up to these days. Kabbalah-haters won’t disappear until we reach the final correction.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/14

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