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laitman_277Question: Astrology tends to predict our destiny. However, the important thing is to change our fate rather than to know what’s waiting for us in the future. Is it possible?

Answer: Do you mean influencing your luck and turning the stars to better work for your interests? Yes, it is possible because we are a part of an integral system in which everything is intertwined. So, by all means we can impact the stars.

A human being is the most powerful force in nature, capable of penetrating into any of its integral parts, “spreading” in all directions, learning, attaining, connecting things, and clarifying all rules. We are able to understand the basics of universal connections, become included in the liaisons, and eventually change them.

Only humans are capable of attaining this level, nobody else! At all times, people tried to change their destinies. They did it with the help of religion and mysticisms, astrology, and divination, and with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We are free to choose what remedy to use to change our destiny. In fact, all three directions can impact our future.

Question: How can we influence our destiny with the help of astrology? Is it really possible “to rearrange” the stars so that they bring us luck?

Answer: Stars only signify the governance of the Upper Force over us. Stars by themselves cannot influence anything. Stars are the signs of the upper impact. Yes, we can change them, i.e., make the upper governance more beneficial for us. It is possible with the help of religion, mysticism, or the wisdom of Kabbalah – through these three sources.

Religious people pray, they join and pray together, they try to influence events and ask for help from above. By these actions, they change nature since they also are a part of nature. Humans are inseparable from the rest of the world.

We can influence the world around us since our bodies are part of nature. Humans are the most influential force in nature. This explains why when thousands of people get together and pray for something, their desire alters reality. It’s because they are an internal part of nature.

This is why all remedies are good when it comes to influencing upcoming events: religion, mysticism, and Kabbalah. The difference among them is the way they influence nature. Religion makes a strong impact since it is an organized force that has existed for many years, for many generations.

The problem is that it is extremely egoistic. Religious thinking is only about personal benefits or, in the very best case, the benefits of one’s nation without considering possible damages that can be made to other nations: One country prays about conquering another one.

Mysticism is less egoistic because while trying to connect with the stars that “provide” luck, each one of us must give up some portion of egoism. This mystical form requires one to become a little less materialistic and diminish one’s egoistic desires.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the most altruistic methodology that requires loving one’s neighbor as oneself. In this form, it is possible to clearly, directly, and powerfully impact all of nature. If we “are armed” with a correct technology that allows us to beneficially influence the world and thus change its state to the better, we’ll attain similarity with the upper force. Then, our abilities become virtually unlimited.

With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we develop the properties that are similar to the upper force, the general power of nature that governs the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels. It is the only real power. It is called “the Creator.” We can connect with this force, understand its thought, and together with it, rule the entire system of nature, become its partner.

Question: What are the most effective remedies for changing our destiny?

Answer: The most effective remedy to modify our fate is to join the group that aspires to attain similarity with the upper force, i.e., achieve a state of loving our neighbors, to build the type of connection among friends that impacts our lives in the infinite future, both for each individual and the entire world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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