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Question: Conflicts in Israeli society are becoming more severe because the ego of the politicians has grown and puts personal interests above social interests more and more. During the last military operation, the matter has produced a “short circuit” between the representatives of the authorities and the various agencies responsible for national security. How can this be handled?

Answer: The system has not been fixed. Achieving real changes must begin from the people and from its education. Only through social change can we change the government.

And today our leaders reflect the situation of the nation. We live in an egoistic society in which each one thinks only about personal benefit. We are not connected between us; we don’t feel that our fate depends upon unity, by being “like one person with one heart.” We are not concerned about the security of the nation together since first of all each one is trying to provide security for himself.

Moreover, many people are ready to flee to some place where it is possible to get along better. The main thing is that such a thing will be possible for them, and the fate of Israel is not important to them. If you were to give people the opportunity to get along anywhere in the world that suits them, just about nobody would remain here. According to surveys, half of the younger population would want to leave. And regarding the other half, they would stay here out of habit. And in the meantime, those who advance in the leadership of the nation are people possessing even more prominent personal interests.

Exposing The Ego

Question: If we were to support changes in society, what kind of a society should it be?

Answer: We cannot live and develop here if we don’t become the true people of Israel living in the land of Israel. This is talking about two concepts that we must approach and realize.

“Israel” means “Yashar-El.” In other words, all of us connect among us according to the principle “And you shall love your friend as yourself” and we direct ourselves towards a higher power.

The essence of the upper forcer is the force of love, unity, and mutual bestowal. We must aspire to this. This is not connected to religious or secular beliefs. This belongs to connection, the essence of which is formulated in the great and essential general rule in the Torah: “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

Question: All of us have heard about this. But the ego has grown and grown, desires run wild and a person no longer sees anything outside of himself. So how is this old saying connected to people like us today?

Answer: This saying is eternal. From those days until today, this condition has not changed. And precisely in our day people are ready to see and discern how their growing ego is digging a grave for them. The ego indeed grows, but now the person sees where this leads. He sees that in front of him is only an abyss.

A New People – New Leaders

Question: In a museum of one of the Israeli leaders of the last century, the room in which he lived has been renovated, a small place with a simple chair and a table of a meter and a half. From there he led the nation. So how is it possible to speak about connection in our day when the nation is shaken by outrageous scandals and the leaders acquire luxurious houses? Where will the love come from here?

Answer: From despair. Ultimately we have attained nothing. Those leaders with the penthouses, their expensive apartments, and all the rest of the wealth and luxury feel dependent. That is how an ego that rises to the heavens plays with us. A person is compelled to steal; this need motivates him. He feels that this is not the goal, this isn’t life, and in spite of it all, he is not ready to do anything. He simply cannot avoid stealing, cannot avoid lying, because that is his nature.

So what is to be done with him? After all, it is clear that this way leads all of us to oblivion. Is it worthwhile to bring the matter to a new Holocaust, to World War III, and so on?

Everyone understands this yet nobody has a method that makes it possible to be saved from our internal enemy, which is the ego that pushes us towards theft, lies, forgeries, schemes. The truth is that nobody enjoys this, but everyone is compelled to take a bite out of the general pie and try to arrange a warm and safe corner for himself.

Yet in the world of today, no secure corners really remain. So security will come to us only by way of changes in society, in humanity. These are changes that will bring unity.

In the global world we must be so connected that each one will feel the others as himself. The wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed for this, providing a solution to problems and explaining what must be done. It is up to us to adopt it, and with its help, approach correction of the world. The time has come to consolidate everything into a unified system, a single family.

Only integral education and information will raise general interests above personal interests. The leaders of today are cut off from the people. And there is nothing to demand from them or from the people. Gradual education will bring about changes among the people and this will then produce people from whom it will be possible to educate new leaders.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/16/14

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