A Working Engine In A Broken Machine

laitman_934Question: How must I look at the group if I imagine that everything in the world is a desire to receive?

Answer: The group are the desires that belong to you that you can use to be strengthened through the help of their power. It is necessary to relate to these foreign desires as your desires as if they were corrected and connected to you.

You must relate to the group as a tool that is in final correction with love, commonality, joy, and great appreciation—that you have received a tremendous auxiliary power. Within your general desire, they gave you one corrected part. The entire world is a gigantic system in which everything has been “sold out.” Everything is false, and suddenly, within the damaged system, you find one corrected and whole part that is in adhesion with the Creator. It functions ideally, and with its help you can correct all the rest of the parts like in a machine.

Other than this, you discover that this part is the main one within the system. This is the engine, and, after this part, you discover additional corrected parts, Kabbalists from the past who already were corrected within your spiritual system. In other words, you have an anchor.

If you enter into the corrected system called a “group” and are included in it, then you correct and calibrate yourself relative to all the rest of the parts within the system. With its help, you build yourself. The group becomes a home for you in which you escape from the entire world. You get power from there, and then you go out to correct the entire world. This is a lifesaver you cannot do without. It makes it possible for you to check if you are advancing toward correction or toward destruction. Otherwise you don’t know. Is it possible to check this with your intellect?

You cannot do anything alone. However, within the group, you calibrate yourself. If you didn’t do this in a group, you would have no chance of doing something right or even knowing that you did something incorrectly, in what form, and what you must correct. You understand nothing.

The group that is given to you is a relatively correct system to the degree that you nullify yourself in regard to it. You get a ready-made tool that is ready for correction on condition that you are also ready for correction. The more you invest in the group, the more you get correct settings to correct the rest of the shattered desires. The group is the corrected area within your desire, and then you will begin to feel that the entire world is corrected, except for you.

Question: What is my work regarding the corrected area?

Answer: If you nullify your ego toward the friends, then you calibrate yourself “for the sake of bestowal.” With the powers, the perception, the changes that have begun in you, you go out and implement actions “in order to bestow.” Without the group, you will not be able to even move from your place. It is impossible, and with the group you are connected all day, and you calibrate yourself toward a correct perception of the world, to the right attitude in regard to all of its parts and yourself, so the day isn’t wasted.

If you come to a group once or twice a week, then, accordingly you will get an opportunity to correct yourself. Every day must begin by looking at the entire world through the group. Otherwise, you never will be able to look at reality correctly. You will not know what else to add, what to yearn for, and what to change.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/14, The Zohar

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