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Freewill Doesn’t Exist

laitman_546_03In the News (from “Our brain processes a great amount of information at any given moment of which we understand only a very small part.

“Although we constantly pay attention to the changes in our thoughts, mood, perception, understanding and behavior, we don’t know anything about the neurophysiological mechanisms behind them.

“In fact we are witnessing our own life. The brain cortex responsible for our motor abilities is activated 300 millionth of a second before a person decides to perform a certain action and the brain decides how we should act. This decision affects our consciousness and we believe that we are the ones making our own independent decision. So where is our freedom?

“The brain is a physiological system and our thoughts and actions are determined by the changes that occur in it. Our feeling of freewill stems from our inability to understand ourselves. We don’t know what we intend to do unless there is an intention in us. This conclusion is parallel to the recognition that we don’t manage our thoughts and our actions. In order to really have freewill we have to picture and totally control all the factors that determine our thoughts and out actions.”

My Comment: I believe that there is no way we can understand and control all the factors that determine our thoughts and our desires because they are determined before we actually understand and feel them.

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Consciousness Is Structured Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news (econet): “Light penetrates the brain through living tissue transferring photons. Microtubules conduct vibration, and neurons, the dendrites, transmit photon waves from one cell to another.

“In this process there is no loss of energy. The microtubules form lines of connection throughout the body, thus creating interaction between the quantum field and the human brain. This system is reminiscent of a biological internet, a network of microtubules and dendritic membranes.

“Neurons communicate (speak) with each other using a quantum process. Microtubules form a structure that creates a sequence of waves in our bodies. We call this process, ‘surplus luminescence.’

“It makes it possible for sequences of signals to pass through the body and the coordination of signals provides for a command to the photons to move through the tubes of light. Such a phenomenon has been called, ‘intrinsic illumination.’ When the photons penetrate through the core of the microscopic tubules, they connect with other elements. That is how collective cooperation of subatomic particles is produced.

“This makes it possible for us to think and reflect about different things simultaneously. Specifically, cooperation coordinates the entire body and the instantaneous reaction of the mind, transmitting information within one-ten-thousandth of a second.

“The electrons, being found in a quantum state, move in channels of light and together, remain isolated and independent. The main optic fiber is coordinated and organized energy. The microscopic tubules are hollow, whereas the quantum process takes place in structured water that is found within them. Rays of light are created there, their diameter accommodated to the size of the microtubules and reaching the absolute value of 15 nanometers.

“Consciousness is structured light, which, as a global phenomenon, encompasses the entire body and mind. Processes in the human body as an organism give rise to quantum oscillations. The body of a person creates a mutual turnover of information with the quantum field, proving that there is an inclusive connection that determines the factuality of unity; living organisms and the essential independent existence of charged particles cooperate mutually within the quantum field and exchange quantum information between them.”

My Comment: The title of the post: “Consciousness Is Structured Light” obviously implies that everything was created and realized by means of the Upper Light and its branch in this world, photons.

Science has finally begun to speak the language of Kabbalah, which is itself a science.

Baal HaSulam writes that: a) The suffering in our lives, and b) The discovery of the unique nature of our world, will bring humanity to an awareness of the truth of the wisdom of Kabbalah that determines and reveals this unity in everything. We must move towards unity with other people and reduce the search for truth through suffering.

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Leaving The Magnetic Field Of The Ego

laitman_608_02Question: In preparing for the Passover holiday, what does “go down to the Egypt within me” mean?

Answer: To go down to Egypt means to begin to work with my desire to receive, which is basically my only material that provides me with energy. Using it, I can advance toward exiting this world and rising above the physical world.

This is the only means I have; there is nothing more than this. We are born and develop as animals. However, at some point in our lives, with all of our friends, each one of us feels that something is nipping at his heart and pulling him somewhere out of this life. He wants to know the essence of life, the source of life, where this comes from, and what is happening here on Earth.

However, we have no other substance with which it would be possible to develop this tendency, this question, only with the ego, with our desire to receive.

If I have my egoism, my desire to receive, and the one point that attracts me somewhere upward, then I can take parts of my egoistic desire and associate them with that point: on levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. I associate my desire to receive to that point to the degree that I am ready, and then I can go forward with this point.

I advance through this, constantly using my ego with the help of the environment that always has an influence on me and tells me that it is worthwhile to push my point in the heart toward connection with others.

There are a number of stages in working with my ego. In the beginning, I work with the group, with the environment, the lessons, and even though I want to reach bestowal, my intention is to better myself. This stage is called Lo Lishma (Not for Her name).

After that, when I received sufficient influence from the Light that Reforms, I am released from the egoistic intention to use bestowal for my own benefit. Rather, I want to bestow without any consideration of myself. I want to be in pure bestowal and be free of my ego as if I were exiting the magnetic field of the Earth.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/3/14, Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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My Life Belongs To Pharaoh

Laitman_716_02Question: If all the changes depend only upon the environment that is built by man, what does Pharaoh control?

Answer: Pharaoh is my present heart and mind. I don’t feel that my heart and mind are free of him; it is a great achievement to discover that they are found under the control of Pharaoh.

Pharaoh controls my whole life, everything I had and everything that I have now. Within my body is some kind of evil spirit that fills me entirely, moves me, and determines all of my thoughts, desires, decisions, and deeds.

It is some kind of evil internal force that penetrates into me and has control over me from which I cannot escape. I am filled entirely with this alien, hostile force, and I cannot be released from it. How can I expel it, renounce it from me?

I feel that my entire life belongs to Pharaoh, and there is only one independent point within which I can determine that I am in slavery to Pharaoh, the evil inclination.

Question: I absolutely feel that I am under the control of my mind and emotions!

Answer: If you think that this is your mind and emotions, everything is okay. You are not in Egypt yet; rather, you are like everyone else in this world. You have not discovered yet that there is an alien control that does with you whatever it wants. It is as if they are doing experiments from another planet on all seven billion people and managing us. Yet, we don’t feel this and each one feels that he is free.

However, we are beginning to discover a bit that we are under an alien influence. In the meantime, you still haven’t discovered this. Yet, there are those who already have.

Question: How is Pharaoh’s control over me expressed?

Answer: This alien domination means that I don’t agree with the spirit that dominates me. I don’t agree with its existence in me and want another spirit, a spirit of bestowal, love, and giving. Thanks to my participation in studying and dissemination, a change is occurring in me, and I am beginning to appreciate another characteristic that doesn’t exist in me.

In the beginning, I want it because I feel better with it, more whole. Yet, after that, I simply begin to appreciate it. I specifically want to have the characteristic of bestowal that grants me a sensation of freedom, reducing the pressures and limitations of this world. The characteristic of bestowal is so amazing and wonderful!

Yet, gradually, I begin to perceive the characteristic of bestowal as a vision, as a burden on my soul that I dream about and I cannot explain why. This is called “sacred grace.” Apparently, how can one love it if it is completely against this world? Yet, I want to reach bestowal.

Moreover, I begin to look at the desire to receive as something very strange. How is it possible at all to receive for myself and enjoy this? I recognize this characteristic that is found in me and understand that this is simply a program that has been installed in me. I am given a sensation within my system so that I enjoy receiving. Yet, in fact, this is only a program, and it can be replaced so that reception will stop giving me pleasure.

I begin to have a relative attitude toward bestowal and reception when I understand that this is not really me but a program that can be replaced by another.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/14, Shamati #190

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In The Middle Of A Conflict

laitman_740_01We distinguish between two parts along our spiritual path: the part that advances toward the attribute of love and bestowal, toward the Creator, contact, connection, and adhesion with everyone, and the part that opposes that and constantly wants to take for itself.

When I am between these two states, I must constantly examine and check myself as to whether I am not stealing in corporeality or in spirituality, whether I am doing anything wrong in my mind or my feelings in order to benefit personally from that. This is where the problem is. First, I mustn’t receive any benefit, but even if I do have such benefits, everyone must agree that they are part of my job. Suppose I need a car in order to visit building sites or that I need helpers in my work and some people should be allocated for this job. In that case, everything must be open and clear to everyone, without question.

On the whole we are shown the corrected society that we must build. Every member in the society must receive only what he deserves and needs for his existence, and give everything else to the society. This is called the level of Moses who is an example for all the others.

There are always such problems in a person’s spiritual work, and we can see that throughout history even back in the days of the temple when the people lived on a spiritual level. There always have been serious problems, but they were on a spiritual level even though they are described in a corporeal language.

Question: So here we have to keep in mind that when we are building spirituality, we should not have “pockets.”

Answer: In those times, that was the case on the corporeal level. We usually understand that if someone wants to steal, no one can stop him. However, no one is foolish enough to put a piece of gold in his pocket.

A person should have no desires in order to receive, which means a place where he wants to receive for himself. A Masach (Screen) should be only in order to bestow. It is only about bestowal. This is the level of Moses.

It seems complicated when we read about it, but it is easy when we are in the right environment. Then there are no problems. The environment provides us with the right level and the support by which we float as if on air.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/16/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.06.15

The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, Vol. 12

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