The Real Purpose Of The Human Brain

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Slon): “Our brain does not receive, does not process and does not understand information. The brain is not a homogeneous, rigid structure, each of which handles its information. Our brain is not a computer with separate blocks.

“The brain consists of individual cells – neurons. Information links between them are chemical – in the form of the entry and exit of ions.

“We would not understand without the brain, but the brain would not understand without us.

“Our ability to interact with the world is the result of the activities of generations of living creatures trying to establish contact with it. We are a set of living cells that have learned this interaction; we are groups and systems, coordinating our activity. The most important question of psychophysiology is to explore the work of the brain and its contents simultaneously.

“The brain is an electromechanical structure; the brain can understand nothing – understanding is within us.

“We cannot put a picture of the physical world in our brain – the image “falls apart” at the level of the retina. Then, this image is reconstructed again, and we are the artists of what we see.

“Our brain has something more than the structure of the brain itself. We finish building the environment in accordance with internal experience. Our head contains more than just neurons – they produce the model of the external world, which is detailed and dynamic.

“That is, the brain can control something in the external environment through its activity and can get in touch with the outside world.”

My Comment: There is no body. There is only desire and mind, with a human being the result of their correct combination. What we see as the world is ethereal, unreal, and  does not exist. The picture that we see in the brain appears to us as the only thing that truly exists.

The picture of the world is painted within us, according to our likeness to the single upper force. We see the difference between our properties and the properties of the upper force. This is the internal language of the brain, which then paints it for us in images.

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  1. shalom dear rav,

    maybe the main obective of the brain is the one of a middle man trying to provide wellness to the heart, while there is no possible human brain without the heart. from the wellness of the heart extends the wellness of the mind. but this brain is only a middle man. while the heart is “the last”. i am actually scrutinizing, at most, the lessons on pesach-Ari. that is writing the lessons on paper. that is measuring what I understand versus what you really say. The precision of your language is outstanding. Maybe there is more value in the choice of your words than in the words themselves. the difference between what I would write immediately after hearing a sentence and what you really said is of great value. This is also a tribute to the translators. and to all and everyone around you. also the “night of the bride” teachings is another wonder of teaching. i wish everyone all the best.

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