Becoming Grateful Guests

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe study that there is no other work but reaching connection. But we don’t create the connection by ourselves, which is bitter, general misconception that corrupts our way and prolongs the exile.

We should only want to connect and to pin this connection on an external factor, on the upper force. We don’t correct ourselves, but only discover the need for it.

The need for connection stems from our yearning to avoid afflictions and from the desire to delight the source of the Light that manages us. It is quite a long way, a whole ladder of spiritual levels that we have to climb in our understanding and our consciousness in the connection with the source of Light.

Therefore, we must first stop thinking that we are the ones who establish our connection. The call “let’s connect” means “let’s connect to the source of the upper force, the upper force of bestowal that will connect us.” All we have to do is to just raise MAN (female waters), which, on one hand, is a request and a prayer for the revelation and the raising of a deficiency. On the other hand, it is food that we eat during the forty years of wandering in the desert.

This means that we are not required to do anything but raise MAN, the full recognition of our dependence on the upper force. We have to invoke the right deficiency in our hearts and try to connect them into one heart that wants to be connected. We then turn to the host with the request to connect us in order to delight Him and become grateful guests.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/03/14

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