What One Should Fear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am terribly afraid because I feel the threat of disasters and wars throughout the entire world. What can I do for the Creator, for the world, to prevent the impending disasters?

Answer: The Creator is independent; He has no need for anything. What can you give to Him if He is whole? Our role is to help the world. This is what we do. We learn what must be done for the world so that it will discover the Creator.

There is no reason to fear war. We don’t need to work from fear, while this is useful, but the fear must be different. It is not about what will happen with me and with the world but that I cannot perform the role for which I was born.

So, you don’t have to be afraid. Baal HaSulam writes that a third or even a  fourth world war is possible, but I don’t think that this is so true anymore. Now, we are approaching such a level where everything is changing. We must be intensely involved with dissemination,09 not due to fear, but because this is truly the most necessary work for the Creator.
From the Conversation at Sochi Convention 6/9/14

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