The Brain As A Supreme Coordinator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe brain, our intellect, can function properly only under the condition that it feels a higher system with which it needs to keep in touch, serve, and receive commands from.

Every person, as a “cell” of the total body, needs to maintain full contact with all the rest and with nature. Ideally, the brain needs to know its personal function in the general system. It needs to become familiar with this system in relation to itself, and through this, it will learn to maintain the health of its part and serve all.

Then the brain will begin to activate the body correctly, including all of its organs: the heart, the nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems and so on. The whole body will function according to the full connection it needs to maintain with the general system.

Therefore, in our physical health and especially our mental or spiritual health, we are totally connected with others and with the whole universe. In fact, all the systems are connected. But our ego inserts a defect in them on all levels and sections. Therefore, by changing a person’s attitude towards others, he begins the global change of all the systems. But we don’t see it immediately because of our interdependence. Until we all will be corrected, it is impossible to talk about someone’s such recuperation separately.

Similarly, all of our illnesses are also caused by wrong commands, incorrect signals coming from the brain. Indeed, it leads everything; despite the fact that it only “coordinates” between us and the general system. It by itself acts according to the system’s commands and directs the body according to the general external need.

Whether we want it or not, each one of us is part of humanity. Therefore, our brain receives commands from the general “field” to which it is always connected, and all of us are in it. This system is beyond our material framework, it is one and includes everybody and our brain represents it.

The problem is that it is incapable of acting correctly until we know from where it receives orders. The signals are sent from the general “field” of wisdom, the field of Light, the thought of creation. And in order to function properly, the brain must maintain a balance with this general brain.

Similar to quantum physics and other sciences, we came to a boundary in this field, where beyond it hides the unknown. But that area can also be researched. So if you will want to know the real reasons for what is happening, then ascend above. It is time to finally ascend to the level of reasons. When we will correct them, we won’t need any medicine.
From a “Talk About a New Life” 10/10/12

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