The Brain: A Secret That Is Inaccessible To Science

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Current studies show that the neurons in the brain become flexible when they connect. The “matter” remains the same, but the mutual connections in it change. Is it possible to draw an analogy between the “matter” of the brain and the “matter” of the desire to receive?

Answer: We will never be able to understand the way the brain operates by using the standard “corporeal” scientific tools. I suppose that scientists already understand this. The brain depends on its current state, and so the data in this field hardly allows researchers to arrive at any statistical rules, or to find some consistency. The brain isn’t just “a kilo and half of gray matter.” It constantly changes and although we classify the functions of all its parts, they can still perform totally different functions.

At the “head” of the spiritual Partzuf, where the decisions are made, there is a Direct Light and a Returning Light, the connection between the Creator and the created being. It is the same in our brain, but on a different level. So if we don’t discover the Creator part in us, we will not be able to discover the principles of the brain’s work. This is because half of the picture can hardly be seen in the fog and we don’t know what operates it.

On the whole, we can compare our brain to a detector, to a receiver that receives signals from space around us. So there is no great significance to examine it detached from this space. If we study only the brain itself and leave its connection with the source of the data out of the picture, we will never know anything. This is because our brain perceives important external information from some field.

We are built in a definite way: Our nature is divided into the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels, we divide ourselves into Partzufim, Sefirot, to parts according to the thickness of the desire and the purity of the Masach (screen), but actually in spirituality it is all one, and everything is one wholeness where we exist. It is where the past, the present, and the future are, the three stages of our development, everything is there.

The brain activity is like a receiver or a mutual activity within a system, which I perceive only to the extent of my own bestowal. We may say that the brain is part of the general system. But actually the brain, the mind, is spread over all of Ein Sof (Infinity), which a person has to actually attain. In the meantime we only feel bits of it.

I don’t think that science will continue to follow the old approach. There will come a time when scientists will stop, change their approach, and begin to discover an upper level, just as in the past humanity moved from using a steam engine to using an internal combustion engine. Brain researchers will want to rise to the “layer of information” that is above our world. It is only from there that they will be able to carry on with their studies, whereas the current approach will lead to nothing.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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  1. Here You are some Literature to support what Rav said for some of us whom need

    Thanks Rav i enjoyed that ,many Kabbalistic materials were also covered in that Symposium … why i said thanks, because i felt you led me to that Symposium …

  2. In the last paragraph of the article, you state that “There will come a time when scientists will stop, change their approach, and begin to discover an upper level, just as in the past. . . “. Does that mean that they will need to discover the wisdom and Science of Kabbalah in order to continue their research?

  3. Shalom Rabbi Laitman,
    Yes, my own life (meaning the fact that I am still alive today) is more than enough proof to the skeptics of sciense. If it was not for what I experience and call Grace and the “assistance” from Above each and everyday of my life, I have no doubt in my mind that I would not have existed this long. Growing up in an extremely challenging enviroment especially from a brain perspective has been very difficult most of the time. This is what lead to searching deeper for the answers. If someone would ask me why I am so passionate about all this, the truth is that I do not want to reincarnate again after this life. Therefore the search to learn the corrections that are neccessary for this personal goal. People might find the next comment unusual, but I would change space right now if it was only myself to consider. It is so reassuring to have so many like-minded individuals to learn from and to share with in an authentic manner even though most sojourners would put me in a hospital if they could. You and other guru’s too teach that one must always focus on service of love for the Creator and then one have continuous bliss regardless where one is. Here or There. In a normal working day we are more here than There and it is difficult for most people to stay in the pure love zone all the time. Thank you for staying in touch and sharing your research with us. It helps alot to stay grounded and refocused. Stay blessed. In humble gratitude we continue another day towards the final goal.

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