Freewill Doesn’t Exist

laitman_546_03In the News (from “Our brain processes a great amount of information at any given moment of which we understand only a very small part.

“Although we constantly pay attention to the changes in our thoughts, mood, perception, understanding and behavior, we don’t know anything about the neurophysiological mechanisms behind them.

“In fact we are witnessing our own life. The brain cortex responsible for our motor abilities is activated 300 millionth of a second before a person decides to perform a certain action and the brain decides how we should act. This decision affects our consciousness and we believe that we are the ones making our own independent decision. So where is our freedom?

“The brain is a physiological system and our thoughts and actions are determined by the changes that occur in it. Our feeling of freewill stems from our inability to understand ourselves. We don’t know what we intend to do unless there is an intention in us. This conclusion is parallel to the recognition that we don’t manage our thoughts and our actions. In order to really have freewill we have to picture and totally control all the factors that determine our thoughts and out actions.”

My Comment: I believe that there is no way we can understand and control all the factors that determine our thoughts and our desires because they are determined before we actually understand and feel them.

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  1. Its very sad

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