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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “BaHar” (On Mount Sinai), item 85: …“And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’” “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant” is the degree of slave, left line, Malchut. “Israel” is the degree of son, right line, ZA. When they are included as one, it is written, “In whom I will be glorified.”

The two lines: the left, the level of the slave (Malchut), and the right, the level of the son (Israel), have to be united and glorified, which means to be revealed.

On the one hand, we have to totally submit and enslave ourselves to the upper leadership. We can say, of course, that now He governs us and that we are totally enslaved to Him and cannot do anything without Him, but this is the attribute of a bad slave.

The left line has to be loyal to its master by stating, “I want to be His slave. I want Him to govern me internally through the desires over which I have no control.” This is my freedom. My freedom is in choosing whether to remain under the domination of the Master or to leave Him. I choose His domination because I cannot feel any freer than when I am under His leadership.

Later, when I ascend higher, the level of the slave enters to the level of the son. The difference between the level of the salve and the level of the son is that I do everything my Father desires and not my Master. Now I want to carry out all His actions consciously, even if He doesn’t force me to do so. And, even if He didn’t know about it, here I work without connection to Him, and am like Him.

These two states have to be clearly felt by a person and then the third state appears between them, the middle line, when I am neither a slave nor the son. The middle line doesn’t exist in nature and is created and appears in the connection between the right and left lines, giving a person a feeling of complete freedom. It is like being in a vacuum, where the first condition of the slave doesn’t operate or have any impact on me, but neither does the second condition of the son.

I can totally disconnect myself from any connection with the Creator and be independent in all my actions, desires, and thoughts. Complete freedom!

This is what the thought of creation is all about, which is bringing a person to the feeling of freedom that leads to his choice of the state to be where the Creator exists and to yearn for Him. If I yearn for that myself by 10%, 15%, or 20%, I gradually turn myself into that exact image, the same replica, and to that extent I am called Adam, a human being.

I disconnect myself from the Creator in the middle line because otherwise I have no freewill. This isn’t an illusion of freedom. I need to feel that I am totally free. Moreover, this feeling comes against a cacophony of all kinds of egoistic desires, urges, and temptations. Pride, envy, the desire to do whatever he wants, and to be the master of the universe grow in a person.

Imagine that you are immersed in water and on the surface, instead of clear water, turbidity from the bottom suddenly rises, and it is all yours, the waves of your egoistic thoughts and desires. It is actually on this background that you begin to make a human being out of yourself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/18/14

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