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Repaying The Debts In The Jubilee

Laitman_167The Torah, “Leviticus” 27:20 – 27:21: But if he does not redeem the field, and if he has sold the field to someone else, it may no longer be redeemed. But, when the field leaves in the Jubilee, it shall be holy to the Lord like a field devoted; his inherited property shall belong to the Cohen.”

We can give or sell our field to others in our world and in the 50th year the debts are erased and everything goes back to the way it was before. In the spiritual world this is a very complicated system, but it also works that way. We work very hard on our desires for a long time and on the 50th year (the Jubilee) we reach a level where these desires ascend to the next level.

Repaying the debts in the 50th year (the level of Bina) is not a descent and ascent but an ascent to a new level because everything accumulated during this time becomes the next level thanks to the work of the Upper Light. It corrects what we wanted to but couldn’t. This special state is called “Jubilee.” If it were kept even on the corporeal level it could bring the world to a totally different state. Unfortunately, a person in this world thinks that what he has is his own private property, but everything is temporary and after a certain period of time everything goes back to its root, to the Creator.

Question: Does this mean that when I think “I will buy a house and leave it to my children” it is a mistake from a spiritual perspective?

Answer: A person has to take care of himself so as not to be a burden on society. He has to take care of his children and teach them a profession and leave them some inheritance. But the Torah advises us not to tell them about the inheritance because this can spoil them. If a child knows that he will receive everything from his parents, it leads him to live a carefree life simply waiting: “The time will come and I will receive everything from them, so I can take it easy.”

He has to earn things by himself. Therefore, parents should be strict with their children, which is what happens to us when we are brought up spiritually. We are given certain conditions and we have to keep them, but if we don’t we are given even tougher conditions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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The Separation Of Boys And Girls In School

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (  “The separation of boys and girls in school leads to greater academic success than when they study in mixed classes.

“Students do not feel embarrassed and are not distracted by the other sex, which means that they can better concentrate on their studies. …

“Even knowing the answer, girls will be silent and wait until someone responds. In general classes, boys raise their hands first to answer the teacher’s questions.

“In women’s classes: everyone knew the answer, but said nothing because they were afraid to make a mistake. The teacher felt like she was in an empty classroom.  But if the students are praised, next time they will respond actively. A girl should be commended, even if she was wrong, or else the next time she will again remain silent. Interestingly, a boy does not understand this approach, and will spend a long time thinking about why he was noted for giving the incorrect answer

“Girls are calm and never shout. … In mixed classes, teachers yell more than in single sex classrooms. In a single sex classroom, there were fewer disciplinary problems in boys’ classes and they responded more calmly to the teacher’s remarks. In mixed classes, the boys tended to argue more with the teacher in order to show off in front of the girls.

“The great advantage of single sex classes is that the children are not distracted and thus better learn the material. With single sex classrooms in ordinary schools, there are very few drawbacks.”

My Comment: I think that children should study in single sex classrooms. Moreover, I believe that male teachers should teach boys and female teachers should teach girls. That’s the way it has been throughout history and I maintain that we should return to that. In my opinion, humanity will return to that after it learns from all the studies, experiments, and mistakes.

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Looking At The World Through The Prism Of Desire

laitman_928The Torah, “Leviticus” 27:11 – 27:12: And if it is any unclean animal, of whose type shall not be brought as an offering to the Lord, then he shall stand up the animal before the Cohen. The Cohen shall then evaluate it whether it is good or bad; like the evaluation of the Cohen, so shall it be.

This speaks about the desires of the animate level. In every person there are a great number of desires: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking, that is, five levels from zero to four. Each one of the desires must be integrated with the others to work in full bestowal with an intention for the sake of the Creator.

But some of them cannot be corrected so that they work with an intention for the sake of bestowal by themselves. They cannot act directly, but alternatively. Let’s say that a donkey is an unclean animal that cannot be brought to the Temple as a sacrifice. So it can participate in the general system of management by carrying out its task, and that is how it is with everything in nature.

Nothing should be annihilated; it is only necessary to use what is presented to us in the right way. Since the Torah is talking about our inner desires, we need to investigate them within us, classifying and differentiating them according to their character and correcting them gradually so that each one of them will be directed toward bestowal in some way.

All of the desires must pass through the examination of the Cohen (priest). The Cohen is the point of contact with the Creator. So a person needs to find the Cohen within himself, this being the highest point in his state, and view the world through that. Only then will he examine and clarify everything correctly.

Viewing the world through the Cohen signifies that I am looking at the world through the characteristic of bestowal and I see that everyone except for me is in a corrected state. And so I constantly continue to bring myself to see clearly that the whole world depends on me and how I need to bestow to it, to come to the right mutual cooperation with all of humanity. And this is the point of the Cohen. So he becomes a teacher. It is said: “and ye shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests….” (Exodus 19:6), meaning teachers who are concerned about all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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The Value Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus,” 27:1 – 27:4, 27:7: And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying, Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: When a man expresses a vow [pledging the] value of lives to the LORD, the [fixed] value of a male shall be as follows: From twenty years old until sixty years old, the value is fifty silver shekels, according to the holy shekel. And if she is a female, the value is thirty shekels; 

And if [the person is] sixty years old or over, if it is a male, the value shall be fifteen shekels, while for a female, it shall be ten shekels.

Value refers to the size of the desire, to its intensity, which a person must express in his relationship with the Creator. The meaning of “When a man expresses a vow [pledging the] value of lives to the LORD” is according to this value.

A shekel symbolizes the desire that is required of a person called a man or a woman at a certain age. This is determined according to the intensity they work in order to bestow and thus are similar to the Creator and connected to Him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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The People Of Israel – The Connection Point Between The Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus,” 26:44: But despite all this, while they are in the land of their enemies, I will not despise them nor will I reject them to annihilate them, thereby breaking My covenant that is with them, for I am the Lord their God.

The spiritual task placed on the part of humanity called the “people of Israel” is not transmitted to other peoples and cannot be transferred to them.

It depends on the inner foundation of the soul in all peoples. If he is created from that part of the illumination of the collective soul (Galgalta ve Eynaim) that once answered to call of Abraham, it cannot be changed or destroyed. This part is in every generation and creates a physical body around it. In this manner, all advance forward. Even if the people of Israel wanted to, they couldn’t give it up or deny it. This is impossible. It is a constant part of the general desire created by the Creator called Galgalta ve Eynaim, which is the smallest part, the most clear and closest to the characteristic of bestowal.

It must carry out its destiny. There is no escape; this is a physical law. The people of Israel are the point of connection between our world and the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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Pharaoh Is Seen Only In The Center Of The Group

laitman_528_02When a person goes to war against his egoism, he should just remember that the group is next to him in which he will discover all the strength that will help him to contend against himself, against his Pharaoh, against his nature.

I must imagine that I am found outside of myself and am looking at my beast, at myself, from the outside. Then I identify myself with the group, and from there I look at my body, at all of my characteristics, desires, and thoughts, and I consider it to be my Pharaoh. And that is how it is until my body is refined and hands itself over to the group, which is my standard for bestowal. That is how I reach correction.

I demand that I will be able to feel the power of bestowal within the group that leads and holds me. All of this is found in the center of the group. If there is no Arvut (mutual guarantee), then I won’t discover Pharaoh.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.03.15

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