From One Jubilee To The Next

Dr. Michael LaitmanA new cycle of selling the land begins after the jubilee. I can sell it to someone for 10 years, to someone else for 20 years, and so on, until the year of the jubilee when the land once again becomes mine.

I cannot sell it anymore since this land cannot be someone else’s property until the jubilee year. A person feels that he is a stranger, a foreigner on the land and that the land isn’t his but  belongs to the Creator who was only renting it to him. The reason is that the land symbolizes our desire.

Question: What does that mean on a more internal level of understating? How can I sell my desire?

Answer: You can do whatever you want with it in order to get the right crop from it, but you should know that eventually you have to return the corrected desire to the Creator in the form of bestowal. The jubilee symbolizes complete compatibility with the Creator. The jubilee is common and shared by the whole nation. Everyone knows about it; you cannot cheat anyone, and there is no need to present any documents. This is the way the counting of the land has always been done: from one jubilee to the next and at which time everything goes back to the beginning.

Comment: This is felt as a very deep point and everything is very complicated. We, who exist in this dimension, find it hard to understand.

Answer: If you are connected to the Creator, the general force of nature, and you know that you are subordinate to Him, nothing is complicated or difficult.

Today, we begin to feel quite sharply that we are governed by nature and that we have no choice. We don’t control things and all our naive notions that we are the masters of nature and that we can take anything we want from it by force are gradually fading.

We are like small children who, without mom and dad, begin to realize that we have been left alone in a giant sandbox not knowing what to do next and that we have corrupted it to such an extent that playing in it is impossible. All the kids’ games are over; it is time to grow up.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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