Either Towards Earth Or Towards Heaven…

Laitman_712_03The Torah, “Leviticus,” 25:14 – 25:15: And when you make a sale to your fellow Jew or make a purchase from the hand of your fellow Jew, you shall not wrong one another.

According to the number of years after the Jubilee, you shall purchase from your fellow Jew; according to the number of years of crops, he shall sell to you.

Question: It says “you shall not wrong one another…” What is the meaning of doing wrong?

Answer: A person first of all wrongs himself. If we could feel in every action that we make that everything is temporary and wouldn’t see our actions and our relations as an eternal component, realizing to what extent they are conditional and fragile, everything would be much easier and simpler.

But each time we cling to our desire, to our opinion, to our minor temporary mood, and believe that this is the main thing since this is what operates in me at a certain moment and fills me, and this is my small world.

But if at the same time I could include the whole world inside me, the greater sphere, and act accordingly, despite the fact that I am under the domination of my small desire, I would have a certain account with the upper level and then I could certainly feel and tune myself in a totally different manner.

A person has nothing of his own. My best state is when I don’t feel that my body is mine, not to speak of more external things.

I only have one internal point and I adore it. This means that I want to attach it to the Creator from my own personal place, to adhere to my land, to my small square that is the combination of all my internal attributes, the combination of the right and left lines.

It is my part, a tiny cell in the general body, and by connecting to it I return to my origin, to my place. This is the most perfect state, the end of all the corrections.

However, in order to do that I have to feel the whole general body. Only then can I find my place with regard to all the other points, all the other tiny squares like my own, that the image of the Creator is made of. It actually doesn’t exist, but we put this image together by gathering our corrected desires into an image, a form that has volume, and by adapting ourselves to one another.

If we could understand that this is the role and the goal of a person’s existence in our world, we would perform all our actions with a different intention. Therefore, on the one hand, all our actions would have a totally different weight, but on the other hand, we would focus them on attaining the spiritual state and they would lose their momentary significance and acquire eternal significance.

We would relinquish the minor momentary benefit for the sake of a greater eternal cause and behave in a totally different manner by using every moment not in order to quickly grab something but in order to make another step toward our eternal point of connection with the Creator.

Question: At the same time, concepts such as my home, my job, my territory, and “it is necessary to pass on to the children”… disappear…

Answer: There are laws for all that, the laws of the Torah, that explain every action that I make: how I should wash, dress, walk, and communicate with people and with animals, with everything and everyone.

It is because I have to be compatible not with what I want or what I imagine at the moment but with the perfect eternal state that I should reach. Although I don’t really know it at the moment and don’t see or understand it, this is the reason that I was given the instructions of the Torah, so that I could advance along the right path that was predetermined, even if I don’t understand things.

It is like flying in a plane according to what the instruments show and not seeing anything beyond that. I focus myself on the goal according to the instruments in contrast to what I feel in the current state, which means that we were given two states that guide a person: a temporary state and an eternal state, and they are regarded as the fulfillment of the laws of the Torah.

The problem is that I become totally devoted to the temporary state and believe that it is the main part. I sink into it with my head and get lost in it. It simply sucks me in.

In order to exit it I need special powers that come from above, which gradually pull me out a little and allow me to decide. I am in the middle, at the decision point: Do I return to the direction of the earth or advance towards heaven?
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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