A Person’s Inclination Is Evil From His Youth

Laitman_167Question: At the end of his journey after having been through everything a person can go through in life, King Solomon says in the book of Ecclesiastes that ultimately everyone will listen to the Lord and will fear His commandments and will observe them since this what a person is. What did he understand at the end of his journey?

Answer: A person was created in order to fulfill the laws of nature. He has to learn how to fulfill them. The law of nature according to the Torah is simply “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

If you reach that, you attain happiness simply and unequivocally. The Creator, meaning nature, says to you: “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice, for the Light in it reforms.” We need to fulfill this one and only formula and then everything will be all right.

Because all of a person’s desires are egoistic, in order to receive: “A person’s inclination is evil from his youth,” which means that he wants to receive everything for himself. Therefore, no fulfillment of these desires ever brings us happiness. A person attains happiness only if he finds in these desires the right attitude towards others and fulfills them in the form of bestowal.

This form of bestowal is called Hevel (meaning “vanity” in Hebrew) and you focus only on that. This meaning should be taken in the positive sense and not in the negative one. So “everything is Hevel Havalim (Vanity of Vanities)!” is with an exclamation mark and not with ellipsis.

I want to connect to everyone that way in order to fill their desires, and they fill my desires, thus we can mutually feed one another: I can feed you and you can feed me. But no one can ever fill himself.

Question: Let’s continue the journey. Suppose he discovered it today. Could it be that in a year he would look back and say to himself once again that happiness is not there?

Answer: When you connect with everyone, you build a society in which everyone is incorporated in one whole and everyone fills everyone else. There is no limit here. It is an infinite society like a circle. This circle never ends and the general common desire and the filling are constantly renewed.

Then we attain the state of a collective life when I exit myself and feel everyone. It is as if I am detached from this corporeal body and enter the spirit that is external to me. I live in others and this is how I feel eternal life.

Thus, I begin to feel my life in a spiritual form, virtually external to me. I enter a totally different dimension and ascend above the feeling of life, death, and time. I, thus acquire a new psychological state. This is what we should reach and it is therefore called Hevel, spirit.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/23/14

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