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An Impossible Plan That Led To The Shattering

Laitman_718_04After the first restriction in each Partzuf that begins to work with the Upper Light, there is a head (Rosh) that calculates how much Light can be received in order to bestow, and then a body (Guf) receives that Light in practice, according to the decision of the head.

The head is the main part, while the body only carries out its decisions. This how it has always been, except for one time when the body suddenly didn’t carry out the decision made by the head; this happened at the time of the shattering of the vessels. The head wanted to receive all the Light in order to bestow, while the body wasn’t able to do so.

The shattering of the vessels is a state of incompatibility between the head and the body, not the action of the shattering. In the spiritual world, everything is determined according to the quality. A shattered vessel is a vessel that cannot prepare itself in advance to match the body. It isn’t the actual vessel that is shattered but the connection between the desire to receive and the thought. We can work out great plans in our thoughts, but when we wish to fulfill them, it turns out that it is impossible to carry them out.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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“Yarmolnik, Go Back To Israel!”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from hearing this advice on a television program on the first Russian channel, the writer Yuri Mowaor-Muradov responded: ‘When I heard this call 25 years ago, I did that and emigrated to my Israel….’

“I relate with understanding to the Jews who have remained there for all kinds of considerations, because of an emotional attachment to the state, because of a cultural affinity with it, for economic and ideological reasons…I have a completely different complaint against them.

“For decades we have heard this sanctified phrase, ‘Go back to Israel!’ from the mouths of the ‘native’ residents of greater Russia, incorrigible drunks and the educated, externally normative people, the poor and the rich, dandies from the capital city and the residents of remote places. And I want to tell the Jews who are living in Russia that after all they must have a response to this call. This should be a normative answer and not just a fist in the face of the anti-Semites, which is also a legitimate response to this situation.

“I am talking about an appropriate response on the verbal level. This is because going out of the studio and slamming the door hard is not an answer. This is more acceptable as a powerless response for someone who has no answer to the ‘hot’ advice that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Russians are ready to subscribe.

“Yarmolnik is a public figure; his statement can cause widespread resonance. He cannot justify himself by saying that apparently he was embarrassed, that the despicable act of his opponent was a kind of surprise for him. He has been a television announcer for many years; he doesn’t feel himself inhibited by the studio because of the floodlights, cameras and microphones. He cannot rely on the attack of the opponent caught him off guard.

“Even I, from my wonderful distance, see that the Jewish question appears as a background in every argument in Russia, political or economic, in the subject of social order, when talking about democracy, ethics, ecology, and, as we see now, even in a discussion about a seemingly completely cosmopolitan subject like the protection of our little brothers.

“Why have the Jews come to such unexpected public opposition like this? I don’t know what his answer or that of other Jews in Russia could have been. But I know that if they still remain in a country where such a great mass of people are wondering why they don’t move on and leave for ‘their Israel,’ then they should have come up with a response for a long time already. Each one should have his response, according to his views, feelings and principles.

“For Yarmolnik the unique opportunity to finally respond to all of Russia on the main television channel became possible. That same ‘transplanted’ anti-Semite gave him the opportunity to respond. Yarmolnik needed to do this for all of the Jews who live there and for the Jews of the whole world who are fed up with hearing these rude cries, and also finally for the sake of the Russians themselves.

“He should have answered: ‘We live in Russia according to such and such a right, there is an ethical right, and all of your legal requirements for us to live here. It is up to you to permit this here and not in some other nation.’ He could have recalled that his forefathers shed blood while defending this country, talking about the men and women who cured the sick, taught children, created industry, advanced science, served the people with their creativity for years. And ultimately recall that generations of our ancestors are buried in the soil of that nation. I don’t know, I am now writing all of this impromptu, yet it is possible to prepare our thoroughly thought out and considered speech for the next time.

“It is up to you to make this speech at least once, don’t slam the door, don’t make yourselves wretched and insulted; this is forgivable in someone else, but for you, writers, journalists, actors and scientists, this is unforgivable. Give an overwhelming response without entering into a verbal conflict with an idiot. Use a microphone and camera that broadcasts throughout the country, and finally give a prepared and convincing speech that will later be quoted for decades in reaction to situations like these.

“But now, the statement, ‘Yarmolnik, go back to Israel’ was said, and indeed what did he do, he got up and left, and this is encompassing and extends throughout the entire Russian-speaking world.”

My Comment: In spite of all it all, I see the advice to go back to Israel as completely correct, legitimate, and natural from a Russian regarding a Jew. We can look for excuses in a modern world where everyone is mixed up and lost…but this isn’t so. In any place that there is a massive relocation from one place to another, conflicts are created, sometimes decades or even hundreds of years later!

There is a special bond among all people within themselves and a special rejection between people. As much as it may seem that in our time everything is ready for complete mixing, the differences between peoples still manifest and require correction.

Kabbalah says there are 70 nations in the world and the people of Israel. As much as they are becoming mixed together artificially, this mixture is external, and there will be a need to correct it with an inner unity. It will appear in our world as a single, integral and global world, which is what we are seeing in our day. And therefore we, the Jews, have received the opportunity to reveal the method of unification, the wisdom of Kabbalah, through our return to Israel, later bringing that to the nations of the world. So I see that the advice to go back to Israel has its place and time.

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Search For The Creator Within The Creatures

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did the Creator create a system of worlds of Tuma’a (impurity) against the system of the worlds of Kedusha (sanctity)?

Answer: The desire to receive was created because the creation can be only something that is outside of the Creator. The Creator has only the properties of bestowal, love, and everything good. There is nothing more in the Creator, and this property dominates and fills all of reality. The entire creation is filled with this kind of energy.

Therefore, the opposite property should be the black energy that receives and attracts the Light into it and only feels what is found inside it. The desire to bestow is 100% feeling the other. We don’t understand this. The Creator is a property that doesn’t feel itself and only feels others.

Man sees himself as a person: There is myself and what I feel, what I do. But for the Creator there isn’t any of this. So He has no image, only the property of bestowal, meaning, the feeling of others. He feels Himself as being found in the other. So there is no Creator without a creature. The Creator is the characteristic of love that is discovered outside of Him. He is in all of us, and it seems that He wouldn’t exist by Himself.

Now it is necessary to build a characteristic that is His opposite. It follows that the creature must be someone who feels itself and not the other, not the others. This feeling of oneself is called the “desire to receive for oneself,” and so this is the creature.

The desire to receive feels only itself and doesn’t feel the others in any way. In this state, this desire is very limited. Even when the Creator fills it 100%, his pleasure will be very small, for this is the feeling of his separateness, detachment, from that force called the Creator.

In this state the desire to receive is detached from feeling the other, from bestowal, and it cannot understand how wonderful this is. And it only enjoys feeling itself. This is called a “Nitzotz (spark)” of life.

To bring the desire to receive to the feeling of wholeness, like the Creator, we need to add to it a possibility of being able to work in bestowal, even though it only feels what happens in itself. Because it doesn’t feel the other, from its point of view, the other doesn’t exist.

In fact, we don’t see anything. We think that the world is what we see around us. But we don’t see the worlds, this entire space called the spiritual world because we have no possibility of feeling the other.

To save the creatures from this terrible separation, Tzimtzum Aleph (the First Restriction) was made, a Masach (screen), and Ohr Hozer (Returning Light) were created.

Question: What will happen to me when I acquire the power of bestowal? Will I also disappear?

Answer: You won’t even have any question about this. Even if you disappear completely, this will not concern you. Someone who thinks about himself is detached from the Creator, because the Creator doesn’t have such thoughts.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Task Of Man: Become A Conduit For The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanAnd bring thou near unto thee Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that they may minister unto Me in the priest’s office, even Aaron, Nadav and Avihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron’s sons. (Exodus 28:1)

“Aaron thy brother, and his sons” are part of the higher desires of the person that he must raise and shape within himself in such a form so that with their help he renews contact with the rest of his characteristics and the Creator.

The Creator speaks only with Moses who becomes the conduit between Him and Aaron and his sons, and these in turn are used as conduits from Moses to everyone else. Everything is done hierarchically from above to below.

Question: When does a person become a conduit for the Light?

Answer: A person becomes a conduit when his personal point concerned only with connecting with what is above and what is below is revealed. That is, if a person has a soul, it is divided into two halves, and in the middle between the two halves is his freedom of choice.

A person’s freewill is that everything that above this point he must give upward, and everything that is below it, he gives below. And he is involved only in this, without wanting something for himself. And this is the structure called Adam (Man).

After all, our physical body is not a man in the spiritual sense, but in the words of Frederick Engels, a proteinaceous form of existence.

Ultimately the role of every person in this world is to become a conduit for the Light. This is because only in this way does he gather the entire world into a single whole unit where nothing is left of each but a decision to belong to the past and the future. Through this connection, all people form themselves into the next state of nature called the soul. And what fills it is called the Upper Light or the Creator.
From KabTV’s: Secrets of the Eternal Book 8/19/13

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At The Turning Point Of History

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does human society develop the way it does throughout history? Couldn’t we have evaded all the great tragedies in our history? And now we are also in a state that no one can understand!

Answer: Everything was very clear… up until our time. From now onward everything is also clear except for the events that we will actually determine in the future, we humans, all of us, by our freewill, which is the reason that it is not predetermined. Up until now we had no choice and everything throughout history occurred according to strict and rigid laws of development on the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and human.

From Kabbalah we learn that our world was created as a result of the creation of the desire to receive pleasure. This unique created being was shattered into many parts as a result of its evolution, and after the shattering, the parts fell into the level of our world and created its four levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

These four forms of the desire have to unite from our lower (egoistic) world and ascend to their source, their root, where the one unique desire was created (born).

This is the reason that our entire history is a movement towards unity that is attained by wars, by mutual actions, art, commerce—by all our actions in which we connect and begin to understand one another better by adopting each other’s attributes and thus becoming incorporated in one another.

This unity (which is egoistic at the moment) took place in the last stage of development of our civilization, capitalism, i.e., under the mediation of capital, the development of industry and commerce, which was the basis for the establishment of global economic, political, and social relationships that led us to a global egoistic society. The development of egoism in people led to the development of industrialism, which has led all of mankind to unite egoistically.

Next we have to discover all the evil of egoism and decide whether to flow with the current it leads us along or to correct it by our proper unity.

This is the solution and our free decision. Until now our history was predetermined, but the moment we have to make a decision onward, we don’t know what will happen. To be more accurate, we know what will happen in each of the cases, but it is up to society to determine in which of them we will be!

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What Distinguishes The Family Of The Future?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the ultimate force of nature, which will operate in the future family? Is it related to religion?

Answer: It is not about religion, but about the fact that we are all connected to each other above our egoism. It is written that the Shechina (divine presence) abides between a husband and wife.

The future of the family lies in the action of the upper force of nature upon it, the force of love, unity, and mutual bestowal. In such a family we will be connected by the ties that are above our animal level.

Due to the family, a person will have more than a warm and cozy family nest where one feels safe and receives help in case of illness and old age. We will build a network of relationships between us, inside of which we will reveal the force of bestowal and love that exists above our nature.

Question: Why are there families which seemingly enjoy full material prosperity, but feel they that they lack family warmth?

Answer: It is for this reason that people divorce. They feel a void that cannot be filled by anything. The family does not have what I want. And what I want, I do not know.

People feel that they need a new form of family ties, but do not know where to look for or how to find them. And thus they get divorced.

The family of the future will have a new connection that leads a married couple to a higher purpose for which it is worthwhile living together. Indeed, if not for this, then what is the point of having a family?

You can buy prepared food in a supermarket, do your laundry in an automatic washing machine, so you can invite a woman over for an evening. Children can be visited once a week, and indeed, we do not see them often because we work so much. What benefits does the family add to our fully arranged, comfortable life?

Question: What is missing in today’s family?

Answer: The family lacks a higher purpose other than conventional, material animal wellbeing. We are required to reveal the human degree in our family in order to discover the Shechina between us, to reveal the upper force, and to have an eternal and perfect life. And it really can be achieved through connection within the family, with other families, and eventually with the whole world.

The upper force is the force of love and bestowal. It is called “upper” because it is above us, above the egoists, who are opposite to it, love only themselves, and do not love others.

Question: What will we feel in the future family that we do not have today?

Answer: We will feel a life without any restrictions and one filled will all flavors. We will need the whole world. Our family will be in such a connection with the other families that we feel confident, joyful, restricted by nothing. Children will grow up in this atmosphere and will be brought up according to it. We must come to this.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/15/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.11.15

Preparation for the Lesson 

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Writings of Rabash, Rungs of the Ladder,” Item 30

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, “BeLaila De Kala (Night of the Bride),” Item 131

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 3, Part 9, “Histaklut Pnimit,” Item 5

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah,” Item 14

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