“Yarmolnik, Go Back To Israel!”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from mnenia.zahav.ru):After hearing this advice on a television program on the first Russian channel, the writer Yuri Mowaor-Muradov responded: ‘When I heard this call 25 years ago, I did that and emigrated to my Israel….’

“I relate with understanding to the Jews who have remained there for all kinds of considerations, because of an emotional attachment to the state, because of a cultural affinity with it, for economic and ideological reasons…I have a completely different complaint against them.

“For decades we have heard this sanctified phrase, ‘Go back to Israel!’ from the mouths of the ‘native’ residents of greater Russia, incorrigible drunks and the educated, externally normative people, the poor and the rich, dandies from the capital city and the residents of remote places. And I want to tell the Jews who are living in Russia that after all they must have a response to this call. This should be a normative answer and not just a fist in the face of the anti-Semites, which is also a legitimate response to this situation.

“I am talking about an appropriate response on the verbal level. This is because going out of the studio and slamming the door hard is not an answer. This is more acceptable as a powerless response for someone who has no answer to the ‘hot’ advice that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Russians are ready to subscribe.

“Yarmolnik is a public figure; his statement can cause widespread resonance. He cannot justify himself by saying that apparently he was embarrassed, that the despicable act of his opponent was a kind of surprise for him. He has been a television announcer for many years; he doesn’t feel himself inhibited by the studio because of the floodlights, cameras and microphones. He cannot rely on the attack of the opponent caught him off guard.

“Even I, from my wonderful distance, see that the Jewish question appears as a background in every argument in Russia, political or economic, in the subject of social order, when talking about democracy, ethics, ecology, and, as we see now, even in a discussion about a seemingly completely cosmopolitan subject like the protection of our little brothers.

“Why have the Jews come to such unexpected public opposition like this? I don’t know what his answer or that of other Jews in Russia could have been. But I know that if they still remain in a country where such a great mass of people are wondering why they don’t move on and leave for ‘their Israel,’ then they should have come up with a response for a long time already. Each one should have his response, according to his views, feelings and principles.

“For Yarmolnik the unique opportunity to finally respond to all of Russia on the main television channel became possible. That same ‘transplanted’ anti-Semite gave him the opportunity to respond. Yarmolnik needed to do this for all of the Jews who live there and for the Jews of the whole world who are fed up with hearing these rude cries, and also finally for the sake of the Russians themselves.

“He should have answered: ‘We live in Russia according to such and such a right, there is an ethical right, and all of your legal requirements for us to live here. It is up to you to permit this here and not in some other nation.’ He could have recalled that his forefathers shed blood while defending this country, talking about the men and women who cured the sick, taught children, created industry, advanced science, served the people with their creativity for years. And ultimately recall that generations of our ancestors are buried in the soil of that nation. I don’t know, I am now writing all of this impromptu, yet it is possible to prepare our thoroughly thought out and considered speech for the next time.

“It is up to you to make this speech at least once, don’t slam the door, don’t make yourselves wretched and insulted; this is forgivable in someone else, but for you, writers, journalists, actors and scientists, this is unforgivable. Give an overwhelming response without entering into a verbal conflict with an idiot. Use a microphone and camera that broadcasts throughout the country, and finally give a prepared and convincing speech that will later be quoted for decades in reaction to situations like these.

“But now, the statement, ‘Yarmolnik, go back to Israel’ was said, and indeed what did he do, he got up and left, and this is encompassing and extends throughout the entire Russian-speaking world.”

My Comment: In spite of all it all, I see the advice to go back to Israel as completely correct, legitimate, and natural from a Russian regarding a Jew. We can look for excuses in a modern world where everyone is mixed up and lost…but this isn’t so. In any place that there is a massive relocation from one place to another, conflicts are created, sometimes decades or even hundreds of years later!

There is a special bond among all people within themselves and a special rejection between people. As much as it may seem that in our time everything is ready for complete mixing, the differences between peoples still manifest and require correction.

Kabbalah says there are 70 nations in the world and the people of Israel. As much as they are becoming mixed together artificially, this mixture is external, and there will be a need to correct it with an inner unity. It will appear in our world as a single, integral and global world, which is what we are seeing in our day. And therefore we, the Jews, have received the opportunity to reveal the method of unification, the wisdom of Kabbalah, through our return to Israel, later bringing that to the nations of the world. So I see that the advice to go back to Israel has its place and time.

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