The Time Has Come To Pack Their Bags

laitman_930Question: The Jews in France were shocked by the latest terrorist attacks. Some of them would like to emigrate to Israel, but they are afraid that our solidarity is enough only to bring them here. In this situation, what can we say to them, how should we advise them?

Answer: As far as I understand, they are faced with a choice: either to stay or go to Quebec, where the French language is the official language, or to move to Israel. A few will emigrate to the United States.

Certainly I cannot make a decision for them. I am very familiar with Montreal, the largest French-speaking city outside of France. Whatever city it may be, this is still exile. But the Jews in France are used to it, and in the meantime this is a comfortable and suitable place for them.

If Israel opens its arms wide towards them and opens its heart, it could be that would be worthwhile to come here. The question is, are we ready to organize workplaces for them and generally absorb them properly. Without a doubt, we have a lot to correct to truly become an attractive place for the Jews of the Diaspora.

One way or another, I hope that they will understand that the time has come to pack their bags and go.
From KabTV”s “Like the Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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  1. WoW, tell it like it is Mr. Laitman.
    Truly it is a time to move the nation back to the roots and connect to that level.

  2. Dear Rav,

    Why are French Jews feeling anti-semitism more than other European Jews and and what does the future hold for European Jews ?

    Kind regards

    Kristian Dawson

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