Search For The Creator Within The Creatures

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did the Creator create a system of worlds of Tuma’a (impurity) against the system of the worlds of Kedusha (sanctity)?

Answer: The desire to receive was created because the creation can be only something that is outside of the Creator. The Creator has only the properties of bestowal, love, and everything good. There is nothing more in the Creator, and this property dominates and fills all of reality. The entire creation is filled with this kind of energy.

Therefore, the opposite property should be the black energy that receives and attracts the Light into it and only feels what is found inside it. The desire to bestow is 100% feeling the other. We don’t understand this. The Creator is a property that doesn’t feel itself and only feels others.

Man sees himself as a person: There is myself and what I feel, what I do. But for the Creator there isn’t any of this. So He has no image, only the property of bestowal, meaning, the feeling of others. He feels Himself as being found in the other. So there is no Creator without a creature. The Creator is the characteristic of love that is discovered outside of Him. He is in all of us, and it seems that He wouldn’t exist by Himself.

Now it is necessary to build a characteristic that is His opposite. It follows that the creature must be someone who feels itself and not the other, not the others. This feeling of oneself is called the “desire to receive for oneself,” and so this is the creature.

The desire to receive feels only itself and doesn’t feel the others in any way. In this state, this desire is very limited. Even when the Creator fills it 100%, his pleasure will be very small, for this is the feeling of his separateness, detachment, from that force called the Creator.

In this state the desire to receive is detached from feeling the other, from bestowal, and it cannot understand how wonderful this is. And it only enjoys feeling itself. This is called a “Nitzotz (spark)” of life.

To bring the desire to receive to the feeling of wholeness, like the Creator, we need to add to it a possibility of being able to work in bestowal, even though it only feels what happens in itself. Because it doesn’t feel the other, from its point of view, the other doesn’t exist.

In fact, we don’t see anything. We think that the world is what we see around us. But we don’t see the worlds, this entire space called the spiritual world because we have no possibility of feeling the other.

To save the creatures from this terrible separation, Tzimtzum Aleph (the First Restriction) was made, a Masach (screen), and Ohr Hozer (Returning Light) were created.

Question: What will happen to me when I acquire the power of bestowal? Will I also disappear?

Answer: You won’t even have any question about this. Even if you disappear completely, this will not concern you. Someone who thinks about himself is detached from the Creator, because the Creator doesn’t have such thoughts.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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