A Simulator For Studying The Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe shell (Klipa) has a very important role; it shows us mistakes and the error itself. And in fact, we are actually never wrong but only see the mistake. With the shell we grow wiser, learn, and don’t actually hurt or harm ourselves and our relations with the Creator.

We only study it, like in a game, like performing an exercise in a simulator. This is all thanks to the system of Klipot that allows us to discover what is true and what is not, to work with it and study the outcomes of our actions, but all these actions are actually not real.

The whole world of shells, the whole evil world, all of creation that seemingly doesn’t belong to the Creator, was created precisely in order to teach us how to work with this half, how to understand and organize ourselves correctly for the second right and good half of creation.

The shell takes this work upon itself, accompanies a person and teaches him. Therefore, we are nourished by the shells during the whole period of our study until we are ready for the spiritual world. Then we reach Holiness.

It says: “The Creator has created them one opposite the other,” the worlds of Holiness opposite the worlds of impurity. If we don’t go through the system of the shells and learn from it each time, we will not be able to move over to the right side that belongs to Holiness.

Once we reach Holiness we have to return to the side of the shells and learn, and practice like in a simulator in order to return to Holiness from there. It’s impossible to enter Holiness if one is not ready. The shell prepares us for that, and the moment you attain the necessary state, it opens the door for you: “Well, now you are ready, go!”

These two systems are one opposite the other, and there are many more systems of confusion and sophistication on the side of the shell that operate with regard to us. We don’t need them later since we are incorporated in the system of the shell, and then on top of this system, we can make simple calculations and reach the simple Light. But this is already after we are incorporated in all the complex systems of the shells.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/13, The Zohar

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