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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the thing that the Klipa (shell) wants most?

Answer: The Klipa wants most to confuse us so that within this confusion we will want to turn to the Creator, to make us feel that we need faith, devotion. The Klipa brings us to these states, to such confusion, that it’s impossible to bear. And in the end, you agree to give up on everything. You are confused to such an extent that then you will understand that it’s worthwhile to be completely annulled in order to just cling to the Creator and not in order for the confusion to end, but because the Creator is the higher one, the source of everything.

The system of the Klipot is very sophisticated. It needs to be the exact copy of divinity and is actually composed of a mixture of holy forces and forces of the shell. This is so since it cannot confuse us if it’s only bad and shallow. Thus, it must be very sophisticated and diverse so as to teach us also what is correct and what is not correct according to the sensation and the intention.

In holiness, there are no forces of the shell that are revealed. They are already there in the inverted form through our preparation, which enables us not to ever be wrong. And then we are allowed to work with the Light. But all of this is on the condition that we have already included within us all of the impressions of the darkness and the Light, as it is written in The Book of the Zohar: “Whoever inverts darkness into light, the bitter to sweet, then enters the Palace of the King.”

This means, from the beginning we must equip ourselves with the whole system of the Klipot as a result of the inclusion of the opposing situations, a Kli (vessel, desire) emerges which is ready to be divine. The work of divinity is very simple in comparison to the study of the Klipa. Thus, the time of preparation takes a very long time.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/13, The Zohar

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