Humanity Upon Whom the Entire Creation Depends

Dr. Michael LaitmanSlander is disorder, detachment of connection, and communication between humans on the speaking level, but what happens with a person is projected to all other forms of nature that are found below him. Therefore, the behavior of the entire collective system—including the upper worlds with all that is in them and our world with all of its levels below the speaking: the animate, vegetative, and still—depends only upon the only free choice that exists in all of reality. Everything depends upon the only free choice: the correct connection between the parts on that level that can be established according to the will of the creatures themselves.

This connection cannot be established through elementary particles or molecules, not through animals that are lower than us, and not through angels who are higher than us, which means not through higher forces. The connection is established only on our level, the human level; only this establishes the entire hierarchy of forces and forms. Only human beings have free choice, and the choice belongs and is related only to how to establish the correct relationships between them instead of the first, naturally-given relationship—natural hatred and egoistic rejection—rather, the corrected relationship called, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In this way, we reach the perfected functioning of all parts of creation as one integral system.

The entire Torah speaks only about the correction of the relationships between humans since by means of this, the entire reality returns to the corrected state. Other than this, there is no need to correct anything.

First, humanity needs to develop to the level where it can understand that it is broken. Then, it begins to feel that there is no choice and that it is necessary to do something with itself in order to correct the lack of coordination between its separate parts. Otherwise, it simply will disappear from the face of the earth, and then the method of correction is discovered.

Now we are in such a time where human desire and its characteristics have been changed and developed throughout evolution to the degree that we already have begun to feel that we are not able to fix the world, that is, to build the right relationship between us, and, on the other hand, we simply must do this otherwise there will be no future for us. And therefore, the method of correction has been revealed to arrange the right connection between humans so that all of humanity will be found in accord with nature, in harmony.

In all of the vastness of nature, only humans have inserted a defect into the wondrous collective harmony and integral unity of all the parts where each supports the others and feels itself as a component of a complete analog system that works with complete mutuality. Today we have reached a development that finally we have begun to realize that we have no way out and that we must become aware of the system of correction. Otherwise, we will have no chance of continuing human history; our state is very dangerous.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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