Give The Power To Science!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we look at different history textbooks, we will see how different their descriptions are. It would seem that humanity went through the same history, including all of its problems, wars, troubles, and successes, yet every nation describes it from its point of view. As a result, textbooks that are supposed to reflect the truth end up contradicting one another.

Sometimes I speak with leaders of different movements in other countries. Each of them is absolutely certain that his movement has to lead the whole world. This includes religious and secular movements, organizations related to ecology, wildlife protection, and many others. While I am among them, how do I differ from them?

Without trying to answer that question, we bring the Kabbalistic message to people in a different form. We do not try to prove who is right and who is wrong, and we don’t dissect different opinions. We don’t try to examine things from the standpoint of history or a religious direction because in each of these areas every person can present his own rationale to justify his opinion.

We invite people only to disengage from everything there is – from the past and the present, and to look into the future from the present moment. In this point we see that nature obligates us to set up the right interconnection, to enter balance, mutuality, and harmony, similar to a single body, an integral, global, pan-human system that senses itself and functions truly as one whole.

Nature obligates and pushes us to this. There is a lot of research confirming this, and we can rely on it. Besides, we don’t have anything else. All we can rely on is science, as it is written, “A person is guided only by what he sees.” Today facts are all we need, and we have to advance according to them.

The facts indicate that whether we want to or not, we are becoming a global, integral society that is internally welded by interconnection and total mutual guarantee. Essentially, this is the tendency of all of nature, and from one day to the next we see how it is becoming expressed more and more clearly.

A question arises: What is our role in this process? Can we now invent anything artificial, following whatever idea some politician, sociologist, political scientist, or other party has suddenly thought up? The world has already tried out all sorts of ideas and humanity has suffered duly due to them.

Perhaps we should simply research nature and be guided by the results of our research, not considering anything else but this? If we advance based on our research, which is conducted in nature, then there is no doubt that out of all the opportunities that little people have on this tiny earth, forsaken at the edge of the galaxy, which is forsaken on the outskirts of the universe, at least we have this one, real chance.

So let’s not sink into philosophy and demonstrate irreconcilability. From experience we already know that when you stand your ground and I stand mine, this only leads to wars and self-annihilation.

Today we desperately need a common denominator, which can only come from the inviolable laws of nature. Based on these laws, we can build the integrated society that is aimed at creativity rather than destruction.
From a conversation about a new book on 7/11/11

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