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Dr. Michael LaitmanIf Nature itself is telling us that we have to advance toward a global, integral society and be in balance as one body, living by the law of mutual guarantee, then we have to understand how to achieve this. And it seems like we have many methods for doing that.

The science of Kabbalah puts it this way: Let’s advance with small steps. We shouldn’t create programs for thousands of years into the future or for the supposed duration of humanity’s probable existence. Let’s look at what we have to do today.

First of all, every person out of the seven billion people living on earth has to understand what it means to live together in an integral, global system. Let’s start coming closer to one another and developing our closeness. Let’s study the laws of this integral system, all of whose parts have to be interconnected.

After all, we are interconnected, but we don’t desire this, and therefore we are encountering a serious problem, like a family that is falling apart. However, while a husband and wife are able to get a divorce, we do not have this possibility. There is no place I can escape to away from the earth, and therefore I have to arrange the well-being of the family, of all seven billion household members.

We have to start with explanations of how to create a kind, good environment. After all, from the experience of our lives and from research, we see that essentially, the environment forms a person. No matter where you place a person, his environment today is him tomorrow.

This means that at the end of the day, people need to organize a “shell” around them out of the mass media, whose influence will prepare humanity for integrality so it could advance in the direction of mutual guarantee.

Let’s do this because it is definitely necessary. First of all, we will thereby reduce social problems such as violence, drugs, outbursts of dissatisfaction, terrorism, family problems, and so on. So for a start, let’s take upon ourselves the responsibility of studying globalization, which everyone is talking about, and integration, which everyone knows has enveloped us. Let’s understand what this is.

Let’s open a worldwide university that will enable everyone to understand the new world. This study should essentially take place all the time, from infancy until old age, because a person is inside of this system throughout his entire life, and the system takes care of him in every area of his activity.

That way, we will start educating and rearing ourselves with the help of scientists, psychologists, sociologists, politicians, mass media specialists, educators, school teachers, radio and TV commentators, newspaper columnists, and so on. Alongside the news and all the rest of the “entourage,” we will start talking about this and creating a common spirit. Through this, we will bring about changes in all of humanity.
From a conversation about a new book on 7/11/11

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