With Our Face Turned To The Country And The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the summer of 1940, Baal HaSulam published the newspaper “The Nation” in the last attempt to arrive at any practical actions before the Holocaust and in the face of the problems that enveloped the mandated Palestine of those times. He wanted to somehow push the nation closer to unity and did everything he could to accomplish this. However, as soon as the issue was published, his enemies immediately rose up and reported the newspaper to the British authorities, which closed down the newspaper on account of an accusation of socialist agitation.

Today we also don’t have any other solution besides realizing the path offered by Baal HaSulam – the path to unity. The situation that has arisen in Israel and the world is no less threatening than the situation in his time. But the conditions now are different, incomparably more favorable.

We have to take responsibility upon ourselves and realize it. And we are capable of it. We have the preparatory base for this, the opportunities, and the necessary inner and outer conditions. Everything is being built up only in order for us to organize ourselves correctly, and when we do, success is sure to come our way very soon.

Let’s become imbued by the spirit that Baal HaSulam wanted to transmit and that we, his followers, have to bring to life today.

We have many groups all over the world. And in this regard it is important for us to understand that all those who are personally connected to the world’s correction, who have received a point in the heart, are called “Israel.” They are the ones who are leading the world forward while living and acting in their respective countries. It’s similar to how the central group in Israel is helping the entire Jewish nation understand and realize the need for mutual guarantee. Every group in any country is in the same situation.

The countries of the world are like organs of the common body, belonging to different systems of its life support. Therefore, our groups can conduct vital forces to their respective nations in any part of the world. Every part of our movement in the world, every group has the same relationship with its nation as we have here with the nation of Israel.

Therefore, Baal HaSulam’s words are applicable to any group, as well as all the groups together and their relationship with the world because as we know from the science of Kabbalah, the particular and the general are equal.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/11, “The Nation”

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  1. a wonderful post, thank you so much, lets do this!

  2. Be careful, evil has no limits when it tries to stop Good. I say this because i see your influence in places i didn’t expect, and therefore evil will feel it too…
    Thanks for everything you are doing, I always keep you in my desire. Arvut

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