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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of calculation is it to receive for the sake of bestowal?

Answer: It is not easy. At first, you need to attach yourself to the upper one and restrict yourself. Reception for the sake of bestowal is a big state.

When I connect with another person, the first thing I need to do is to cancel my desires so as to prevent them from getting in the way of uniting with him. I turn into pure bestowal, Bina (Hafetz Hesed, delighting in mercy), which means that I am ready to feel all of his desires, and I possess a protective force that enables me to avoid using them for the fulfillment of my own desires since I have already restricted the latter. It is as if you have allowed me to enter you and remain there. This is how I penetrate the desires of another person.

I receive this permission under the condition of being able to restrict myself. Now, I begin to feel you completely, all of your thoughts and desires, as if I were you. I accept them as they are, and I make a calculation of my ability to fulfill your desires, taking into consideration my strength and abilities.

However, this calculation is incorrect because I make my calculation in relation to my abilities, but I should now be making a calculation in relation to your desires. I take your thoughts and desires, understand what you want, and carry out the actions you wanted to carry out in your desires in my own. I work with my desires in order to fulfill yours.

This action whereby we create our common desires is called the “head (Rosh) of the Partzuf.” The head of the Partzuf is a state where I exist within you, within your desires, with my entire heart and mind, and I make a calculation there. Where is the screen? The screen is always standing between you and me, as if it were on guard.

“The inner body of the Partzuf” (Toch) is the part where we unite with our common desires and thoughts, and the “end of the Partzuf” (Sof) is where we are unable to unite, and I restrict my desires. Your restricted desires are there together with my restricted desires. I have restricted your desires because I was unable to satisfy them.

In other words, a spiritual Partzuf is the degree of adhesion of the two with one another, together with all the calculations of what is and is not possible. For this reason, when there is no adhesion of one with another, there is no spiritual existence, no Partzuf.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. “I have restricted your desires because I was unable to satisfy them.” I would like to know if only one of the 2 people need to have this knowledge, or both of them must have it, since “I have restricted your desires”, not only mine. The first part I understand that the other person must allow you to enter their desires, but who restricts the other person’s desires? Does it mean we help each other do the restriction? Or that just one of both can do the work?

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