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Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nina Erofeeva, Ph.D. Education, Professor of Udmurt State University, Russia): “The learning strategy at all levels of education is designed more for girls. One of the main reasons for this is a higher percentage of women teachers, and women’s type of thinking is different. Pedagogical collectives are feminine in organizational culture.

“The following qualities are dominant: the desire to be ordinary (the desire to be the first dominates in masculine culture); interest in problems directed at using new (and not at creating new); more attention is paid to the opinions of others (rather than facts); care about people (not success) is valued more; intuition and consensus (rather than decisive actions) are taken into account in decision making; relationships are more important than results (and not vice versa).

“School lessons are mostly verbal, oriented to the left hemisphere. Girls do well with typical tasks, requiring the algorithm to solve them, and boys do well with creative tasks. Most often, there is only enough time during the lesson to solve problems with the algorithm, but not enough time for creative problems.

“A lack of teaching methods to children of both genders facilitates girls’ education. Boys begin to feel unlucky, do not acquire key skills, and lose interest in learning. The educational system makes it impossible to realize the research potential of the stronger sex.

“Men teachers, teaching mathematics and natural sciences, teach their subjects in full accordance with the structure of their male brain, so the girls who study math and science in high school are behind their male classmates. The structure of men’s speech is a logical chain of three parts: introduction, content and conclusions.

“The woman’s speech is multifaceted; it can lead multiple storylines and even intervene simultaneously in other people’s conversations; men cannot keep track of its structure and lose interest. When a woman teacher teaches a lesson, she simultaneously hears students talking. Commenting on them, she departs from the topic of the lesson; boys immediately lose the storyline and find it difficult to return to the topic.

“A woman teacher can start with one subject and jump to another in mid-sentence, then back to the first, mentioning something extraneous. Such diversity tires boys, whose brains can only look at one line at a time and process information only on one subject.

“The information flow between the right and left hemispheres of the female brain is more powerful, so girls can talk and listen simultaneously. Boys can either speak or listen, but cannot do both at the same time, thus it is difficult for them to write dictation. For them, the text needs to be first read and then dictated.

“The basic assumptions for the introduction of separate education:

  • Most of the educational methods and techniques are designed for an average person.
  • The education of boys and girls of the same age, but of a different psychological age (due to the difference in physical development), brings a negative impact on the culture of their communication;
  • Contrary to the popular belief that co-education helps them build optimal interpersonal relationships, it is not so. Interpersonal relationships between boys and girls in traditional education are extremely limited.

“These factors do not allow them to find understanding in family relationships.”

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, men and women are so different that they should be separated at the age of two, and children raised by same sex caretakers. Only then will we all be able to fulfill our mission, which is to achieve likeness with the Creator through our correct connection: “A man and a woman and the revelation of the Creator between them.”

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One Comment

  1. Dear Rav:

    This topic is causing confusion on me.

    If everything comes from above, and if the world has evolted to globalization. Why to separate men and women since that young age.

    Wouldnt this mix education be the next step to merge both sex in one man?

    As in Kabbalah study, it is adviced not to look each other as men or women, just a spiritual being.

    Or this separation on education at the age of 2 or 3 ends at certain age, and merge again. How it is managed at home, when siblings are men and women.

    Thank you.

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