Kabbalah Advocates Single-Sex Education

Dr Michael Laitman A question I received: You advocate single-sex education. Yet, leading countries of the world have long abandoned it. Is it what Kabbalah recommends?

My Answer: Kabbalah recommends single-sex education beginning from age 2 to 3. The physiology and psychology of a human being, not just his soul, testify to the need of separate education. Scientists are finally beginning to recognize it as well.

Die Welt published an article by Wolfgang Bergmann, a renowned German pedagogue and family therapist. He states that today’s boys are girlish and effeminate. Little boys want to make noise, fight, gain their social position, and nevertheless be loved. But there is no place for this in a pedagogically correct female world. Boys become increasingly enveloped in female understanding; they are forcefully balanced and feminized. The world has become too small for the boys. It is too normalized, and boring.

What boys do especially well is not appreciated neither at daycare nor at school. The world of pedagogy has “conspired” to wean them from masculine traits. The boys become restless and absentminded; many suffer mentally, are hyperactive or depressed.


  1. hmm I need much more convincing than that tho.

    I can see that girls would be much more advanced in math than they are now, because by the age they are good at it, teachers tend to tone it down because of the boys who are still slow at it. Also girls would advance in writing if there is not a whole bunch of boys who are unable of communication holding them back.

    But my best friends were boys, and all of them I met at school. It was (it still is) a pure and unique friendship which we keep until today, no matter how far we are. I wouldnt change my friendship with those men for any other in this world. I think boys and girls should be given the opportunity to develop that kind of relationship with each other because that is what equal rights is about.

    There is also the misogynistic factor when boys hang out with only other boys, they tend to not develop respect for women as a peer, except the view that women are men’s care givers, sexually and maternally.

    When men are together for any reason other than sincerely looking for spirituality, bad things will come out, that is my observation. Please do attach scientific or historical documentation that proves otherwise so I can step back from my standpoint. I’m open minded enough to accept reeducation.

  2. Dear Dr Laitman , i follow your news letter. really it is very nice.for now i have a question. Does necessary hold the Torah regulation for blessing? if there have other way please tell me. I am waiting your teaching answer by mail.

    With Love

    Wubishet Assefa

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