Repaying The Debts In The Jubilee

Laitman_167The Torah, “Leviticus” 27:20 – 27:21: But if he does not redeem the field, and if he has sold the field to someone else, it may no longer be redeemed. But, when the field leaves in the Jubilee, it shall be holy to the Lord like a field devoted; his inherited property shall belong to the Cohen.”

We can give or sell our field to others in our world and in the 50th year the debts are erased and everything goes back to the way it was before. In the spiritual world this is a very complicated system, but it also works that way. We work very hard on our desires for a long time and on the 50th year (the Jubilee) we reach a level where these desires ascend to the next level.

Repaying the debts in the 50th year (the level of Bina) is not a descent and ascent but an ascent to a new level because everything accumulated during this time becomes the next level thanks to the work of the Upper Light. It corrects what we wanted to but couldn’t. This special state is called “Jubilee.” If it were kept even on the corporeal level it could bring the world to a totally different state. Unfortunately, a person in this world thinks that what he has is his own private property, but everything is temporary and after a certain period of time everything goes back to its root, to the Creator.

Question: Does this mean that when I think “I will buy a house and leave it to my children” it is a mistake from a spiritual perspective?

Answer: A person has to take care of himself so as not to be a burden on society. He has to take care of his children and teach them a profession and leave them some inheritance. But the Torah advises us not to tell them about the inheritance because this can spoil them. If a child knows that he will receive everything from his parents, it leads him to live a carefree life simply waiting: “The time will come and I will receive everything from them, so I can take it easy.”

He has to earn things by himself. Therefore, parents should be strict with their children, which is what happens to us when we are brought up spiritually. We are given certain conditions and we have to keep them, but if we don’t we are given even tougher conditions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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