Nullifying The Borders Within Me

laitman_627_1The Torah, “Leviticus,” 25:30: But if it is not redeemed by the end of a complete year, then that house which is in the city that has a wall, shall remain permanently [the property] of the one who purchased it throughout his generations. It will not leave [his possession] in the Jubilee.

In spiritual work there are laws such that if I don’t correct my characteristics fully (49 = 7 x 7 characteristics, 49 years), then in the 50th year they are all renewed and I will begin to work again. It is interesting that according to the laws of the Torah it is forbidden to sell or buy anything for more than 49 years. I can buy a house, field or plowed field for temporary usage, and after that it goes back to the owner anyway. This means that the person who possesses land (Eretz) must correct that desire (Ratzon) by himself and if he “transmits” it, meaning that he uses other characteristics for his correction, then this is only a temporary state.

So in our world these laws are shownin a very interesting form, for ultimately everything returns to its previous state and the owner remains the owner. When every tribe entered into the land of Israel, they received their inheritance; all of the sections were clearly indicated and nobody had the right to alter the boundaries. Moreover, nobody had the right to marry  someone from another tribe.

But we must understand that the Torah is not talking about houses, sheep, or slaves, but about spiritual laws. If the people of Israel begin to use these laws internally, then when they return to the land of Israel they will manifest these laws in their external form also.

Question: In the Torah it is said that if you sell a house, then after a certain period passes, you can buy it back. What is the buying and selling needed for?

Answer: At the end of development everyone must attain one commonly shared desire; the Creator will reveal this desire in the form of a stream of desires, one within the other, and the connections between them.

So we need to get married, have children, be in relationships of buying and selling between us, have familial connections, etc. This means that the connections must fill all of human society with a large number of connections so that all of our characteristics of bestowal to each other will be realized, and through this the one and only power, the Creator, will be revealed.

Comment: Which is to say, everything that happens inside of me, the buying and selling, the flow from desire to desire, this is what we are now seeing in the world…

Answer: Today we have really reached this because no nation and no individual can get along without using the entire world. If we take each one of us and see how he dresses, what he uses in his home, at work, on the street, then we see that we are absolutely connected with the whole world! This is the result of the mixing of desires within a person.

So we call our world global, integral. We are heading towards a state in which the world will exist without borders, without governments. For if I depend on everyone else, what can the government give me? I no longer depend on it. Governments will begin to exhaust themselves and disappear.

Ultimately, full and mutually dependent human relationships will encompass the whole world, and we need to discover this here in an aspect that is not so good because the relationships that exist between us now are absolutely egoistic. If the system is mutually connected, it must be reciprocal, and in the meantime we don’t have reciprocity.

It follows that on the one hand, we are found under strict egoistic conditions, but on the other hand, the same force that manages us, and has already been inviting us to move towards it, is absolutely altruistic. These are two opposing forces and here we need to produce within us a tremendous number of corrections.

We will achieve this. On the one hand, we will be obliged to nullify the borders, and on the other hand, we will see that it is impossible to do it. In this way, we understand that the idea is not about borders; rather, it is about ourselves. We must change ourselves, nullify the borders within us, which means that we must annihilate the distance between me and others. It will be clear to us that we cannot do it ourselves. So we will need the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/8/14

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