Consciousness Is Structured Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news (econet): “Light penetrates the brain through living tissue transferring photons. Microtubules conduct vibration, and neurons, the dendrites, transmit photon waves from one cell to another.

“In this process there is no loss of energy. The microtubules form lines of connection throughout the body, thus creating interaction between the quantum field and the human brain. This system is reminiscent of a biological internet, a network of microtubules and dendritic membranes.

“Neurons communicate (speak) with each other using a quantum process. Microtubules form a structure that creates a sequence of waves in our bodies. We call this process, ‘surplus luminescence.’

“It makes it possible for sequences of signals to pass through the body and the coordination of signals provides for a command to the photons to move through the tubes of light. Such a phenomenon has been called, ‘intrinsic illumination.’ When the photons penetrate through the core of the microscopic tubules, they connect with other elements. That is how collective cooperation of subatomic particles is produced.

“This makes it possible for us to think and reflect about different things simultaneously. Specifically, cooperation coordinates the entire body and the instantaneous reaction of the mind, transmitting information within one-ten-thousandth of a second.

“The electrons, being found in a quantum state, move in channels of light and together, remain isolated and independent. The main optic fiber is coordinated and organized energy. The microscopic tubules are hollow, whereas the quantum process takes place in structured water that is found within them. Rays of light are created there, their diameter accommodated to the size of the microtubules and reaching the absolute value of 15 nanometers.

“Consciousness is structured light, which, as a global phenomenon, encompasses the entire body and mind. Processes in the human body as an organism give rise to quantum oscillations. The body of a person creates a mutual turnover of information with the quantum field, proving that there is an inclusive connection that determines the factuality of unity; living organisms and the essential independent existence of charged particles cooperate mutually within the quantum field and exchange quantum information between them.”

My Comment: The title of the post: “Consciousness Is Structured Light” obviously implies that everything was created and realized by means of the Upper Light and its branch in this world, photons.

Science has finally begun to speak the language of Kabbalah, which is itself a science.

Baal HaSulam writes that: a) The suffering in our lives, and b) The discovery of the unique nature of our world, will bring humanity to an awareness of the truth of the wisdom of Kabbalah that determines and reveals this unity in everything. We must move towards unity with other people and reduce the search for truth through suffering.

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