In The Middle Of A Conflict

laitman_740_01We distinguish between two parts along our spiritual path: the part that advances toward the attribute of love and bestowal, toward the Creator, contact, connection, and adhesion with everyone, and the part that opposes that and constantly wants to take for itself.

When I am between these two states, I must constantly examine and check myself as to whether I am not stealing in corporeality or in spirituality, whether I am doing anything wrong in my mind or my feelings in order to benefit personally from that. This is where the problem is. First, I mustn’t receive any benefit, but even if I do have such benefits, everyone must agree that they are part of my job. Suppose I need a car in order to visit building sites or that I need helpers in my work and some people should be allocated for this job. In that case, everything must be open and clear to everyone, without question.

On the whole we are shown the corrected society that we must build. Every member in the society must receive only what he deserves and needs for his existence, and give everything else to the society. This is called the level of Moses who is an example for all the others.

There are always such problems in a person’s spiritual work, and we can see that throughout history even back in the days of the temple when the people lived on a spiritual level. There always have been serious problems, but they were on a spiritual level even though they are described in a corporeal language.

Question: So here we have to keep in mind that when we are building spirituality, we should not have “pockets.”

Answer: In those times, that was the case on the corporeal level. We usually understand that if someone wants to steal, no one can stop him. However, no one is foolish enough to put a piece of gold in his pocket.

A person should have no desires in order to receive, which means a place where he wants to receive for himself. A Masach (Screen) should be only in order to bestow. It is only about bestowal. This is the level of Moses.

It seems complicated when we read about it, but it is easy when we are in the right environment. Then there are no problems. The environment provides us with the right level and the support by which we float as if on air.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/16/13

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